Is It Okay To Brag About A Deal?

by Brandi Savitt – February 24, 2011

Information vs Validation

Most of us were taught that it is rude to talk about money in social situations.  Talking about how much you make and how much you have is simply poor etiquette, right?  But in today’s world, where scoring a good deal makes you feel like you deserve a medal of honor, when does talking about how much you SAVED cross the line between friendly information and bad money manners?

Sharing vs Justification

People LOVE to talk about the deals they get.  Heck, we’ve dedicated an entire website to it!  And when someone asks you where you got your fabulous shoes, and you say “they were 50% off at Zappos”, that is  useful information to the interested party.  However, if you’re constantly bragging about the deals you just scored – for no reason other than to subconsciously justify how much you just spent – there may be a bigger problem at play!

There’s a Time & a Place for Everything

Sharing sales tips and talking about where to save money with your friends is one thing, but sitting at a dinner party next to a colleague (or your possible future soul mate), may not be the time to start rambling on about your bargain hunting skills. As talented as you may be, not everyone is going to appreciate your super frugal ways.  Some may think you’re a genius, others may think you’re cheap, and still others may just think you have a spending problem!  There is a time and a place for everything, and you need to know your audience.  Because in some situations, sharing your money saving secrets may be just as offensive as asking someone how much they paid in taxes last year!

Using a Deal to Validate Spending

Just because you only buy something when it’s on sale, does not mean you are a Fab & Fru shopper!  If you find that you are validating your purchases by telling everyone you know about the deal you found, take a close look at your bank account and credit card bills.  The bottom line is, if you can really afford to buy all of the deals you found this week- GREAT!  However, if you find that you are racking up debt just not to miss out on a sale, rethink your spending habits!  Just because your recently purchased cashmere cardigan was half off doesn’t mean you can actually afford it!

Self Deprecating With Deals

Sad but true- money makes people uncomfortable!  Some feel judged if they have too little, and some feel judged if they have too much.  But we are here to say: BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU HAVE! You don’t have to justify that the only reason you bought something was because you got a deal- even if it’s true…  It’s really not anyone’s business.

I admit it -  I have been guilty of this.  I was lucky enough to buy a condo in my Brooklyn neighborhood years before it became the more upscale area that it is today.  And there have been times when I’ve caught myself justifying where I live to virtual strangers by telling them that the only reason I live there is because I got a deal years ago.  What?! This behavior is just silly.  I love my neighborhood, and while I feel lucky that I get to live there, it is not my job to make someone who only wishes they could live there feel better by divulging my personal financial info…

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One Response to “Is It Okay To Brag About A Deal?”

  1. Ian says:

    I’m guilty of always responding to a compliment on something I’m wearng by talking about how much of of a bargain it was (70% off on Gilt!), but I don’t feel guilty about it. If you people don’t like hearing me brag about being Fab & Fru, that’s there problem!

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