Pay Back Time?

Once a month, Kelly and her friends get together for movie night.  They order their favorite pizza, put on the most ridiculous romantic comedy they can think of – and that’s it! They relax and enjoy a casual girl’s night in!

The girls all chip in for pizza and salad – usually it doesn’t come to more than five bucks apiece. And whoever has an extra bottle of wine laying around brings it – voila, instant party!

This past weekend, when the pizza arrived, Kelly’s friend Pam turned to her and said, “You know, Kel, you owe me $5 from last time – remember I covered you?”  Though Pam was correct, Kelly still felt a bit embarrassed – and caught off guard.  She quickly pulled out ten dollars to cover both her and her friend’s share of the evening’s meal.

Kelly later confided to us that she actually felt sort of upset about the interaction. She said she had lent friends a few bucks countless times and never asked for it back – she felt like it all worked out in the end! She couldn’t believe how cheap Pam was to call her out on a measly five bucks.  While some of us agreed with her, others felt Pam did nothing wrong – after all, Kelly did owe her money – wasn’t it ok for her to ask for it back?

So – what do you think?  Are you a proponent of the ‘What Comes Around Goes Around’ approach – or do you think it’s smarter to keep track of loans – no matter how small?

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One Response to “Pay Back Time?”

  1. Kris says:

    I find it hard to ask a friend to pay me back. I never do, but I think I should. I do think Pam was right. I think if she was going to ask for her money back though, she should have done it in private. That being said, how dare Kelly put her in a position to have to ask for her money. We all work hard for our money, so when you are nice enough to lend a person money and they do not pay you back, they are the one being cheap! Why should you be in the uncomfortable position of asking for your money back…especially when they do it all the time. They had no problem enjoying your money and they should be decent enough to pay you back!!! Five dollars or not…when you owe someone money you are not just cheap to not return it, you are also rude.

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