Cleaning House?

Maria and Harper are good friends.  For the past few years, they have both employed the same cleaning lady, Ana. Both Maria and Harper have become quite close to Ana, and have always praised what an excellent job she does.  However, for past six months Ana’s work has left both Maria and Harper feeling like they’re not getting what they pay for, but neither friend really knew how to handle the awkward situation.

Hoping a little extra guidance was the answer, Maria decided to write a list highlighting what she would like Ana to focus on each week.  Unfortunately, her idea did not breed success.  Meanwhile, Harper, who just had a new baby, decided that maybe it was her fault, and the extra baby mess was slowing Ana down?  Her solution- pay Ana for an extra hour of work.

The real problem arouse after Harper offered to pay Ana for more time, and Ana approached Maria with the same option. Maria flipped! Why should she pay more when the quality of work was no longer there? Nothing had changed in her household that would affect the cleaning time Ana should need.  In fact, the only thing that had changed was Ana’s efficiency level.  Maria didn’t believe that more time would solve the problem at all, and in her frustration, she sadly let Ana go.

Should Harper have discussed her solution with Maria before offering Ana more time and money? Was Maria crazy to go to such an extreme, or was she right to move on from a situation she was no longer happy with?  What would you have done?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Cleaning House?”

  1. Germaine says:

    The problem emanated because the two women were afraid to let Ana know that her work may have deteriorated and she was not as efficient.
    Harper for whatever reason decided that more money would solve the problem. If she was not performing as before, Ana had a right to know that the women were unhappy, and she deserved a chance to discuss and rectify the problem. If they were good friends, Harper and Maria should have decided on a course of action together and applied that. Maria also may not have been able to afford to pay additional wages. If they had told Ana their concerns upfront and given her a chance to react, both would have felt better if they had to let her go.

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