Valet Parking Please?!

Our friend Lana just started dating a new guy named Dan. — They’ve been on two dates to be exact.  Date number one was spectacular!  So, Lana was especially excited when Dan told her for their second date he wanted to take her to a new, upscale Italian restaurant that was getting rave reviews. When Dan drove past the front of the restaurant and turned the corner, Lana thought he accidentally over shot the place and mentioned to him that he had just passed it.  Dan told her that he had seen it, but didn’t liked to waste money on valet parking, and was looking for street parking.  Seriously?  Suddenly, Lana lost her appetite!

Many of her friends think she is overreacting, but Lana thinks it was a totally cheap move that Dan didn’t spring for the valet- or at least drop her off at the door – especially on a second date!  What you think?!

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2 Responses to “Valet Parking Please?!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I can understand why Lana wouldn’t want to walk blocks to get back to the restaurant but a lost appetite? If Lana really thinks that Dan might be a keeper just ask him to please drop me off at the door and come pick me up when ready to leave. (He is the one walking and getting wet if it rains)

    I really think there are people who just don’t consider a valet. I really do think a valet is really a nice treat especially when you both are snazzed up:)

  2. laura says:

    sounds to me like Lana is a bit spoiled. Dan should have dropped her off at the door, but was smart to see if he could find street parking. I don’t think he should “look” for a long time, but he should give it a shot. Lana should respect his money a little more. Lana sounds like a brat.

Any Thoughts?