A Second Baby Shower

by Kathy Pape – April 25, 2011

Why You Should Be Having Second Thoughts

Thinking about having shower for baby #2?  You just might want to think again!  While we are all for being Fab & Fru – and certainly being showered with baby gifts is a great way to avoid paying for it all yourself – even we draw the line at second showers – most of the time!

There is much debate about this topic, so I thought I’d share with you a situation I recently found myself in….

Wait A Second

A few weeks ago, I went to a close friend’s second baby shower.  I was thrilled to honor the birth of her second daughter, especially because we weren’t yet friends when her first baby girl was born.  My friend, Jan was so excited to receive all the fabulous baby gifts for her upcoming arrival.  -Sure she had a baby shower for her first daughter, but as any mom knows, most of what she had received the first time around was pretty well trashed by now! - So why were so many of her friends bent out of shape?

Second Baby Shower Etiquette

According to traditional (aka My Mom’s) etiquette, babies must be at least seven years apart – or a different sex than the first born – to even think about having  another baby shower.  A large second shower is appropriate however if it is the first child for either parent.  And, according to Mom, the same person should never hold a shower for the same woman twice…

Circumstantial Evidence

As with most things, it all really comes down to circumstances at hand: Is this baby a surprise baby?  Do the parents live in the same town where the first shower was held?  In my case, we had our first son in California and our second in Las Vegas so I didn’t feel guilty about getting gifts from an entirely new set of friends!

A Conscientious Guest List

If you’re going to have another shower,  the guest list of #2 should be carefully considered.  It’s best to keep the second shower smaller, limited to family and close friends rather than inviting co-workers.

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One Response to “A Second Baby Shower”

  1. Melissa says:

    I am also thinking about having another babyshower… i feel horrible even thinking about it because i dont want to seem greedy. My daughter is only 2 and i had no intention of having another child so i gave everything i had to a family whos house caught on fire and was expecting a baby. Everyone told me id regret giving it away but i felt that they needed it more than i did at the time. Soo im stuck i dont know what to do.

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