Easter And Passover Eggs

Affordable & Symbolic Springtime Recipes

With both Easter and Passover right around the corner, we looked into our Fab & Fru recipe archives to hand pick our favorite springtime dishes that are perfect for both holidays.  –Which of course led us to the versatile, affordable egg!

Although these two holidays are different for religious reasons, both celebrate rebirth and renewal, and the egg plays a prominent role in both the Easter & Passover menus.  A bonus?  Eggs are one of the most inexpensive sources of protein you can buy!  At our local grocery, even high-end Organic eggs are only $4 a dozen – or 33 cents per egg!  Eggs can also keep for a long time when refrigerated, adding to their incredible value.  –Though, I often have produce that goes bad seemingly overnight, rarely have I had an egg go to waste!

Here are our top picks for favorite recipes – perfect year round, not just for the holidays:

Perfect for a Brunch Celebration

Randee’s Strata is so hearty and irresistible you can even serve it for dinner!

For Lunch or Serve it on the Side

Egg-Cellent Salad- Sometimes simple is best – this salad is fresh, easy and captures the essence of spring!

Soup & Starter

Stracciatella- This classic Roman egg drop soup will be a hit with kids and adults alike!

On the Side

Pennsylvania Dutch Pickled Beets and Eggs – At dinner last night in Madison, Wisconsin, I noticed pickled eggs on the menu – A favorite treat I hadn’t had in years!  It led us to find this great, old fashioned recipe on AllRecipes.com.  With their gorgeous color, this fab dish can also serve as your centerpiece!

What are some of your favorite egg recipes? We’d love to hear from you about family traditions you’ve grown up with – or created – that make use of this protein packed, penny pinching powerhouse!

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