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Happy Administrative Professionals Week from American Express!

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10 Responses to “Giveaway: $50 Amex Gift Cards!”

  1. carol naes says:

    Whenever my manager was away I always just did what needed to be done..I would even do the ordering and inventory..I remember my store manager telling me how grateful they were that I did everything without being asked.

  2. Lisa Lee says:

    My most memorable thank you was when a colleague told the president of the company, while he was congratulating her on her success and thanking her for her hard work, that she looks good because of all the work I do. I don’t mind playing the supportive role, but to be acknowledged was great!

  3. Barb D says:

    I was given a very nice Parker Pen by a teacher in Junior High School! He was hard of hearing & I wrote the announcements down for him each morning, & at the end of the school year, I was called to the principal’s office…I was so scared…& it was there he thanked me & presented me w/ the Pen…unfortunately, it was stolen at church camp…:(

  4. Pamela H says:

    I really appreciated the compliment from my supervisor that I really made her job easier.

  5. Carol M says:

    When I was 19, I was an editorial assistant. I helped to publish a weekly newsletter for an association. My boss and almost everyone else in the company were away at a conference. She was supposed to send me the last stories for the newsletter so I could send it out on time.

    I guess she had a fight with her boss and quit. No stories came. I worked late into the night with the one other person that was around to fill out the issue.

    The executive director gave me a bonus when they all got back for going above and beyond. The show must go on, after all!

  6. Laura C says:

    The most memorable gift I got was a large, yellow comb! My boss told me it was a “magic” comb. It was for doing a good job –I was a platform artist that day for Paul Mitchell.

  7. lisa says:

    A long time patron of my resturant was relocating to another state. I was suffering the loss of my long time companion Gussy, a black lab. He had a beautiful dog, Duney, that I had come to adore. He gave me the dog before he left as a reminder of the friendship, and kindness twards animals that we shared. To this day my new, now old, friend “Duney” are still enjoying the world around us.

  8. Mari says:

    Oops can you please delete my previous comment?? I didn’t realize that it had to an award in a work environment,
    In a work situation, I received a home made sweater from my boss thanking me for all of my help. It meant much more to me than a store bought gift!

  9. Kevin F says:

    This is going to sound made up, but I assure you it’s true! At my first job, working as a cashier in a pharmacy, my manager caught on fire! Yes, FIRE! There was some sort of electrical sparking or something and his shirt caught on fire. I was the only one in the back room at the time so I sprung into action and put the flames out with the fire extinguisher that we, thankfully, kept out back in the storage room. “Thanks, Kev” he said to me. That was a few years ago, but it’s still the most memorable ‘thank you’ I have ever received.

  10. jen gersch says:

    I was given a day off work to go to the spa

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