Grocery Shopping Marketing Traps

By Magdalena Wszelaki – April 21, 2011

Get Smart About How You Food Shop

What happens when a high powered ad exec becomes a holistic health and nutrition coach?   Meet our Fab & Fru friend Magdalena Wszelaki – a health guru who knows how to read labels and interpret bogus marketing devices.  She can help all of us to stop wasting our money on expensive gimmicks that DO NOT deliver what their messages promise!

Here are Magdalena’s top 10 Marketing Traps to avoid while you’re shopping for your health:

What’s in a Name?

When we see words like “Dutch Country”, “Italian”, “Homestead” or “Farm” we subconsciously think we’re getting quality & wholesomeness.  But Magdalena cautions us to beware of fancy titles! The only way to really know the nutritional value of packaged food is to read its label for sodium, fat, sugar, additives & preservatives.  -A rule of thumb, if there’s a list ingredients you can’t pronounce- don’t buy it!

The Allure of Pretty Pictures

Just because there is a picture of happy cows grazing in the hills on your milk carton, it DOES NOT mean your milk comes from a that same picturesque farm. Marketers spend a ton of cash carefully picking images to attract your eye and illicit the feelings ‘I want that to be me’, or ‘this is how I want to feel’.  More often than not, the labels on these products tell a much different story from the reality of their products!

Avoid Buying Enhanced Foods

When the word ‘Enhanced’ is featured on  packaging, sales boom.  However, the term actually means that synthetic vitamins or nutrients have been added.  The truth is, these added chemicals are often highly toxic to us, we do not metabolize them well and they could make us sick in the long run!

Don’t Get Tricked by ‘Low Fat’

If you buy a “low fat” yogurt, there may be little to no fat listed on the label, but you may find as high as 25g-30g of added sugar -that’s 6.5 to 8 spoonfuls of sugar in one small container! Eating large amounts of sugar is not only empty calories, it can weaken your immune system making you more prone to get sick .  Additionally, often times the added sugar listed on the label is actually in the form of high fructose corn syrup.  Holistic health practitioners caution that corn syrup is a highly toxic substance.  It has even been banned from use in Europe – so, buyer beware!

Get ‘em with Discounts & Freebies

It has been scientifically proven that we lose our ability to think rationally when the words ‘discount’ and ‘free’ start floating around.  If we’re not careful, these words can lead us to overstocking, overbuying and overpaying.  To avoid spending more to try to get something for less, it’s best to pause and decide whether you need the product in question – free or not!

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3 Responses to “Grocery Shopping Marketing Traps”

  1. Amy Saves says:

    Organic foods are definitely worth the extra price. I really wish healthy foods were more affordable. It seems they make processed foods and other bad stuff easily accessible which in turn is making America fat.

    So true about the MSG and bag of chips! I’ve done that before and it’s hard to stop!

  2. Kathy says:

    Very helpful info!!!

  3. saniel says:

    great tips

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