Internet Etiquette?!

Between work, volunteering and her social life, Teresa is rarely home and feels like it’s a waste for her to pay for cable, a land line, or even internet.  Her upstairs neighbors Kathleen & Joe don’t have a lock on their WiFi, so Teresa has just tapped into their connection for free for the entire past year.  Although she never officially asked to use it, Kathleen knows that Teresa occasionally logs on, and she doesn’t seem to mind.  Teresa feels that if they don’t have a password on their account, the connection is free game for anyone who needs to use it, right?!

However, last week Teresa signed up for Hulu and started streaming a few TV shows onto her computer.  It didn’t occur to her that this could slow down the internet for her neighbors.  A few days later Kathleen stopped by and asked Teresa if she was on their connection because it was really slow.  At the time, she wasn’t, and Teresa said no.  However the next day, when Teresa went to get online, there was a password lock on Kathleen & Joe’s WiFi.  Teresa got upset.  Why didn’t they warn her that they were going to lock her out?!

In the age of the internet, what is the proper WiFi etiquette? Is it okay to consistently tap into your neighbor’s unblocked connection without asking if you can use it?  Does an open connection, mean free game, or was Teresa wrong to assume that she could freely use Kathleen & Joe’s WiFi without asking?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Internet Etiquette?!”

  1. Sya says:

    I don’t think it is okay to tap on our neighbour’s WIFI without asking. I would ask for permission. Kathleen and Joe have every right to lock her out. =)

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