Awesome, Affordable Hats & Fascinators

by Brandi Savitt – May 26, 2011

Tip Your Hat To Summer Style

Last weekend a few of my girlfriends and I took a road trip to Baltimore to attend our first Preakness (the second race in the Triple Crown).  Dressed in our ‘picnic chic’, we sipped Black Eyed Susans as we peered from beneath the wide rims of our hats to watch our favorite horses race to near victory.  But the best part of the entire day was eying all of the absolutely fabulous hats and fascinators that women totally rocked.  Whether they were crazy elaborate or practical yet elegant, I made the decision right there and then that my summer look this year would definitely include a hat or two…

And thanks to the Royal Wedding and the comeback of a little pomp & circumstance, hats, fascinators and hair accesories are all the rage – so it’s easy to find a Fab & Fru look that’s perfect to you!

Turn a Boring Outfit into Wow

Whether you’re at the beach or out to lunch, a hat is just one of those accessories that instantly turns even a t-shirt and jeans into a head turning statement- and you don’t even have to worry about doing your hair. There are so may styles to choose from, you can easily create your signature look, all while shading yourself from the sun!

Protect Yourself from the Sun in Style

Practically speaking, hats were originally designed to help protect us from the sun and the rain, and this season the styles are endless.  If you like to go to the beach, garden or spend time in the sun, protect your face and your hair from sun damage by investing a few bucks in a cute hat!

Customize Your Simple Hat

My Preakness hat was a black, semi-wide rim, $12 hat that I bought at Target to wear to the beach this summer.  I wore a short simple black summer dress to the race, but I really wanted to add a splash of color so I tied a vintage purple and green scarf around my hat and let the tails dangle behind me. The scarf completely changed the look of my hat and instantly made it more unique and fun!

Fascinators & Hair Accessories

I saw some fantastic feather and gem fascinators at the Preakness. Seriously, what better way to dress up an outfit while your hair is pulled back in a ponytail?  Whether you’re looking for something more formal or something for everyday, and are both fabulous online sources with tons of choices under $20.

Find Your Affordable Summer Hat

We’ve found some amazing deals at some surprising places.  Ranging from $5-$55, we hope our Fab & Fru summer hat picks will inspire you to dress the part!

The Easy-to-Pack Sun Hat

If you’re looking for a practical and casual style, get a ‘crushable’ hat that easily folds up and can be thrown in a bag without loosing it’s shape. They’re easy to find in a multitude of colors, prints & shapes, and these hats are perfect for the beach or giving a little flare to any outfit!

Red Ruffled Wide Rim Floppy Hat- $29.99 on Amazon

St. Lucia Physician Endorsed- Worth the splurge!- $42 at Sun Protection Hats

White Belle Canvas Physician Endorsed- Worth the splurge! – $55 at Sun Protection Hats

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2 Responses to “Awesome, Affordable Hats & Fascinators”

  1. Jessie says:

    Love hats and love the tips….thanks Fab and Fru!!

  2. Amy Saves says:

    i love floppy straw hats! fashionable, cheap and easy to pack.

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