Two For The Price Of One?

Our friend Jane has adorable twin daughters.  Recently the twins attended their friend Maddy’s birthday party.  After the party, Maddy’s Mom, Amy, confided in us that she felt Jane had been, well — sort of cheap.  She explained to us that instead of buying two gifts for Maddy (one from each girl) or one grander gift, the twins had given Maddy one cute but average gift.  And though Maddy loved the book they gave her, Amy felt that any gift given should be commensurate with what the twins would receive on their birthday, and Amy would never give just one book for the twins to share!  Shouldn’t two friends give two gifts – or the dollar equivalent thereof??

Some of our friends think Amy’s reaction is insane and petty – while others totally get it…  Tell us what do you think!

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2 Responses to “Two For The Price Of One?”

  1. Louie says:

    Wow !! this is a tough one. I do believe if it’s one gift, it should be one of more value, but two would have been more in order, as the birthday was for two kids, no? This is not only a problem with birthdays but for all gift giving holidays. Example: should a family of 4, who receives 4 gifts from a relative, only give that relative one gift in return? Life is not always fair.
    I guess the true answer is that it’s the “spirit” of the gift that counts and not the gift per-say. Have a small family and smaller group of friends and this will not be a problem. Just remember, a gift or gifts come from the heart and in all honesty, nothing should be expected in return. Now, let’s ask the question, when does a kid become to old to have his friends buy him gifts for his birthday?

  2. Sharon says:

    Well..iam a child care provider and i care for twin boys and when they have a birthday they each get a gift..but, if they were to attend a birthday party for a single child I think it perfectly acceptible to only bring one gift, afterall it is one child. And at the end of t he day is the parent realy keeping tabs on who brought what…more importantly is if the child enjoyed the birthday celebration,\.

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