Groupon Etiquette?!

Last week, Nora scored a $30 Groupon to her favorite Greek restaurant for just $15! Knowing how much her friend Kristi also loves Greek food, Nora invited her out for a night on the town.  Between a bottle of wine and dinner, their meal totaled $75, but with the Groupon it was just $45 bucks!

Kristi put her card down to split the bill, but when Nora got home she realized that Kristi should have also chipped in for the original $15 cost of the Groupon itself.  Knowing it was just an oversight, Nora emailed Kristi to let her know the mistake they had both made.  Embarrassed, Kristi immediately responded that she was sorry, but she had assumed that the Groupon portion was Nora’s treat.  But to remedy the situation, Kristi told Nora she owed her a glass of wine…

What is the proper etiquette when someone invites you to partake in their Groupon special?  Was Nora cheap for expecting Kristi to pay for the original discount – after the fact – or was Kristi cheap for not offering?

Tell us what you think!

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8 Responses to “Groupon Etiquette?!”

  1. Linda says:

    Nora was cheap – she should consider the Groupon part her gift or not invite Kristi. I do this all the time with my girlfriends – we work it out that we split the difference including the tax and tip.

  2. Pamela Haddad says:

    I think if Nora wanted Kristi to pitch in, she should have said so at the beginning.
    btw, I LOVED the TV interview!

  3. Janelle says:

    I don’t think Nora should have expected Kristi to pitch in for the $15. She invited her and I think that portion probably should have been her treat. Either way, there is no way I would have called and asked her to pay it after the fact. I would have just made sure that next time I explained what I expected more clearly at the beginning.

  4. Amy Saves says:

    yea, i agree with Pamela. She should have said so in the beginning, not just assume. It seems kind of petty after the fact.

  5. Sharon says:

    Definately think Nora was being very cheap….after all she only spent $15 on the groupon so she was asking her friend for $7.50. I also use my groupon when going out with a friend and I consider the groupon portion of the bill as my treat.

  6. bob P says:

    It seems better to not use Groupon coupons. It cost the same not to use them and others dont appreciate it

  7. *** SUPERGIRL *** says:

    If she invited her friend to come along , then the easiest thing to do would have just been to get separate bills. Then assuming she ordered abour half, her bill would have been groupon + 7.50. Solved

  8. *** SUPERGIRL *** says:

    If she invited her as her treat, then she should pay the whole thing. As far as sharing your groupon & thereby making partially your treat, any such thing would have to be discussed prior to going.

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