Honeydew Green Tea

Recipe provided by Whole Foods

*Serves 8-10 people

This refreshing summer cooler is also tasty made with other sweet, ripe melons in season, such as cantaloupe or watermelon. For a more rustic version, skip the step of straining the tea.

And the cost? Even though it tastes like something you’d order at a high-end cafe, Whole Foods lists the price per serving at only $1.27 – try ordering a fancy iced tea anywhere for that low of a price!


4 cups (1-2 inch) chunks honeydew melon (about 1 1/4 pounds), plus more for garnish
1 (64-ounce) bottle unsweetened green tea, divided
1 3-inch piece ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
1/4 cup wildflower honey, plus more to taste
1 bunch mint, for garnish


Put honeydew, 2 cups of the tea and ginger into a blender and purée until smooth and frothy. Strain through a fine mesh sieve, discard any remaining pulp and transfer honeydew-tea mixture to a large pitcher. Stir in remaining tea and honey, chill and serve over ice, garnished with honeydew and mint.

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  1. Charissa says:

    What a splendid idea…
    And you’re so lucky to have a Whole Foods close…we dont have one and it makes me sad. :(
    Love the recipe!

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