Teach Your Kids To Communicate Better

Get Chatty With the Help of This Mat

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Sam Smith – the creative director of YourChatMat.  And I have to say, I was so impressed with their product that I was thrilled when Sam offered to make it this week’s Fab & Fru Giveaway! This is my new favorite gift item for all the moms I know. YourChatMat is a new line of decorative placemats that aim to “Put Conversation Back On The Menu,” so obviously, as a mom of two boys, who continuously tell me they do “nothing” at school all day, I was intrigued ….

This is where the brilliance of YourChatMat comes into play – the placemats actually have a vast array of questions, quotes, dares, facts and thought-provoking conversation starters on every mat!  They are specifically designed to facilitate meaningful mealtime interaction.

So what’s the “natural” spin on these mats?  Unlike many plastic-y placemats that smell toxic. These mats are made (in the USA, by the way) with BPA-free plastic and high-quality paper made from sustainable resources with 30% minimum post-consumer recycled.  The quality of each mat is vigilantly maintained in an FSC certified facility.  The high quality and non-toxic nature of these mats makes them both Fab & Fru in my book.

Mats can be bought directly on their site, and range from $19.95 – $26.95 per set.   But this week, one lucky winner will WIN A SET OF FOUR for FREE! Just sign up for our newsletter and leave a comment below telling us why you want to WIN your own set YourChatMats!


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  1. ron says:

    I need to win so Ican communicate better with my kids from ron

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