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Don’t Let Your Sunscreen Burn You

It’s the height of summer and every day as my family slathers on sunscreen from head to toe, I started wondering…  What exactly is in all that sunscreen I am rubbing into my skin – not to mention my children’s?  Could something that is meant to protect you actually be dangerous?

Environmental Working Group

I went on one of my favorite sites, EWG – their Skin Deep database is a fantastic resource for rating the safety of beauty products.  Luckily for me, they had just come out with their sunscreen database – and the info I saw on some of my favorite products was anything but soothing…

The issue for those who want a non-toxic sunscreen is of course that a lot of natural and organic options are SO pricey.  So I went on a mission to find the highest ranked EWG sunscreen that was the safest and most reasonably priced. –The EWG ranks safety on a scale of 1-10 – the lower number being the safest.

High SPF, High Safety, Low Price

My family is prone to sunburn and has to reapply constantly – so to whittle down the list immediately, I only looked at products that were SPF 50 or above.  And when it came down to price, there was a surprising difference between many of their top ranked SPF 50 sunscreens!

Our Winner: BabyGanics!

As I narrowed down my choices, one brand jumped out as being the winner – BabyGanics.  You may have seen this brand at Toys R Us, like I did.  And to be honest, seeing it at Toys R Us I didn’t think much of it – it’s not like I usually rely on Geoffrey Giraffe for my beauty product choices.  But BabyGanics quickly stood out as the top choice that fit all my criteria – SPF 50, safe ranking on EWG and affordable! At only $3.99 for a 2 oz. tube of lotion and $7.99 for a solid stick, it was in line with prices of other lesser quality products.

Plus, the more I read about the company, the more I liked it – it was started by two dads who wanted safe products for their families – and in addition to their commitment to making a safe, sustainable product, their company is also committed to offering premium products at AFFORDABLE prices. They make a wide line of household products, which I am also interested in checking out. But back to their sunscreen:

BabyGanics Deals & Dicsounts:

Aside from Toys R US, these Fab & Fru online sites also carry BabyGanics sunscreen – check out their deals: – For a limited time, buy one BabyGanics product, get a second one for 50% off – and free shipping over $49

And carries BabyGanics and is now offering free shipping for orders over $25.

Hot Sunscreen Giveaway!

This week, we’re giving away TWO BabyGanics sunscreens – the lotion and the stick – to one lucky winner! Just LIKE us on FB, and TELL US your favorite outdoor summer activity for a chance to win.


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  1. Elizabeth Bram says:

    our favorite outdoor summer activity is the playground swings!! my light skinned, blue-eyed, blonde daughter needs massive amounts of sunscreen and many hats to make it through the summer!!

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