A Package Deal?

Our friend Natalie recently found herself in a bit of a financial quandary.  She bought a package of 6 facials from a friend of a friend – a salon esthetician named Kayla who makes house calls in her spare time.  By purchasing the package of 6 upfront, the price per facial went down significantly from $75 to $50 – a beautiful deal, right?

The only problem…  Kayla drove Natalie absolutely nuts!   Kayla’s arrogant (almost offensive) rants began the moment she walked in the door, and by facial number 3, Natalie couldn’t stand the thought of sitting through another hour forced to listen to Kayla’s trials and tribulations.  So much for paying to relax….

Natalie decided to cancel her remaining sessions, but  the question remains – what to do about the prepaid money?  Is Kayla obligated to return the unused funds? Or is it Natalie’s responsibility to eat the costs?  On the one hand, Kayla provided the service that Natalie had paid for, and Natalie couldn’t bear the thought of telling her the real reason she wasn’t going to be using her anymore.  But on the other hand, if Natalie is not going to use the remaining appointments, should she be entitled to get her money back?

What would you do…?  Suck it up and use the remaining facials?  Ask for your money back? Or eat the costs and walk away?  Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “A Package Deal?”

  1. I think she should ask for the money back. $150 is a lot of money to throw away and if she is refused a refund I would go for the remaining services and just ask the esthetician nicely if she would cut back on the chatter.

  2. Parker says:

    Kayla honored the agreement, and Natalie bought “a package.” The reason she got such a great discount, was because it was a “package deal.” This implies responsibilities on both parts of the transaction.

    While $150 is a lot of money to throw away, Kayla is in NO WAY obligated to return the money is Natalie decides she does not want the remaining treatments. Natalie should grow up and ask Kayla if she could have some quiet time to further relax with the treatments. She could even form it in the way of a compliment, and play soothing music when Kayla arrives.

    If Kayla doesn’t get the hint or if Natalie really doesn’t want the facials, then she should gift the remaining 3 to a friend or relative. As long as Kayla is willing to render the services, Natalie should hold up to her end of the implied agreement – and Kayla owes her NO refund if Natalie decides to discontinue the treatments.

  3. Mari S. says:

    Yeah, Natalie’s gonna have to eat the cost of the other facials. It pays to ask about a person or Spa’s services, or do dome online research, before buying a multi-facial or service package.

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