Get $40 Off GO SMiLE’s Original Teeth Whitening System

Get a whiter smile for less! Readers can now get $40 OFF the original GO SMiLE B1 Tooth Whitening System!

GO SMiLE is the only at-home teeth whitening product Fab & Fru’s Megan Segura will use, because other brands have caused her severe pain and sensitivity.  Allure magazine even named their new whitening light system one of the “Best New Anti-Aging Products” of 2011.

GO SMiLE’s mission is to create and care for beautiful white smiles for everyone with innovative products that are pleasantly indulgent, highly-effective, fast, and easy to use. GO SMiLE’s whitening serum contains the optimal concentration of hydrogen peroxide — potent, but safe. Our patented Ampoule Technology enables the hydrogen peroxide to stay stable, fresh, and potent, which makes it most effective. After it’s applied, the peroxide breaks down and releases highly reactive ions — parts of the peroxide molecule — that are so small and chemically active that they travel through the pores in the enamel, reaching into the teeth to fight stains. When the ions reach the stains, they break chemical bonds in the stains, which causes them to become colorless, visibly whitening the teeth!

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