Our Favorite Fab & Fru Celebrities

By Megan Segura – August 3, 2011

Stars Who Like to Stretch a Buck

It’s easy to see how celebrities can lose perspective when they’re off making $20 million a picture or signing a $100 million endorsement deal.  How can they possibly maintain an understated lifestyle when they have a staff of personal assistants and private jets at their fingertips?  Well, some financially savvy stars really understand the value of their hard earned cash, and strive to stay financially grounded.  As a result… we love them all the more for it!

Bethenny Frankel

With a simple idea turned HUGE –  author, reality star and Skinnygirl brand mogul Bethenny Frankel sold her Skinnygirl Margarita drink to a distributor for a reported $120 million! You would think that kind of success would change a person’s sense of financial security, but Frankel still admits she’s quite frugal. When she recently co-hosted on The View, Frankel said that she and her husband thought up a ton of elaborate ways to celebrate the deal (including a private jet ride) but ended up not doing any of it because they couldn’t bring themselves to spend such a large amount of money. Frankel also confessed in an interview, “I’m very frugal, I rarely if ever, pay retail, I live on eBay.”

Kathy Griffin

Never one to be tame when it comes to her comments about other celebrities, comedian Kathy Griffin is surprisingly conservative with her money. During an episode of the star’s reality show My Life on the D List, cameras follow Griffin as she gives financial advice at the Learning Annex: “I’m really good with money.  I have really good financial advice, too.  First of all, I’m frugal.  Let people call you cheap all day…  My friends say you’re so cheap.  Yeah, I have a 3 million dollar house.” And although she could afford to take a break every now and then, Griffin credits her financial success to her constant work schedule.  In other words, there’s rarely a job Griffin says no to.

Kate Middleton

Prince William’s new bride has brought a breath of fresh air to Buckingham Palace. She’s young, beautiful and quite frugal it seems. Kate has been seen a few times grocery shopping for herself, as well as flying  coach with her new hubby. While most celebrities are ripped apart for wearing the same outfit twice, the people of Britain seem happy to have a royal family member that spends their tax dollars wisely!


Who’s your favorite Fab & Fru celeb? Which celebs do you think could stand to learn a financial lesson or two?

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One Response to “Our Favorite Fab & Fru Celebrities”

  1. Yazmin says:

    I have to say that I appreciate Kate Middleton. She seems like a normal individual. I don’t understand the whole wear an outfit once idea or where it came from. She’s wore outfits more than once and always manages to make them look completely different.

    Kirsten Bell is another frugal actress. i recently saw an interview with her where she reveals she shops with coupons to save money on groceries. That’s refreshing for someone so young working in Hollywood.

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