The Ultimate Wedding Crasher!

We just heard about Kristen and Jeff who had planned a beautiful oceanfront wedding in Rhode Island - unfortunately for this past weekend...  Everything was going according to plan – until an unwelcome guest named Irene became the ultimate wedding crasher.  From a mandatory evacuation to guests stranded at the airport, Kristen and Jeff’s perfect day was washed out to sea.

In addition to being so disappointed about having to cancel plans for their big day, they were even more disappointed when they learned they couldn’t reschedule their nuptials for later in the week – or at all – without paying more!  Not only was the venue booked solid, there was also an ‘Act of God’ clause in their contract stating they could also lose their deposit on their seaside venue in the event of a major storm like Irene.

Is it understandable that the hotel would keep the non-refundable deposit?  Should they have worked with the couple to come up with an alternate plan, and if that wasn’t possible, refunded all the couple’s money as a gesture of goodwill?

Do you know anyone whose wedding was ruined due to the storm?  Should Kristen and Jeff fight for their money back, or should they call it a day and just elope?  Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “The Ultimate Wedding Crasher!”

  1. Aimee says:

    If I were that couple, I would be blasting that story on every social networking, consumer rating, wedding planning website on the planet warning other couples not to use this venue! That is awful that the venue won’t work with them and wants to profit from an “act of God.”

    I wonder if hourly employees at that venue have a similar arrangement where they get paid what they would have earned had they not been forced to close. I’m willing to bet big money they don’t. What’s worse is, business have insurance against that kind of thing! They likely didn’t event lose that much money… if any.

  2. Karen says:

    What a nightmare!!!! The hotel also lost an enormous amount of money because of the storm, but they should really work with the couple to find a way to reschedule asap.

  3. Rebekah says:

    I feel like the venue should do everything in their power to reschedule the event for them and not charge more. If they choose to use a different venue, they shouldn’t expect the deposit back- that’s what it is, a deposit. But they shouldn’t be charged extra to do something they already paid for, just on a different date. It looks really bad, and will ultimately lose them business!

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