Fire Up Your Thyroid!

A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Thyroid

We at Fab & Fru believe that when it comes to your health – knowledge is power!  And while getting regular check ups are KEY to catching a health problem before it becomes a serious issue, understanding how nutrition affects your overall well-being can also help you heal a disease you may already suffer from…

Magdalena Wszelaki knows first hand the healing power of super foods and good nutrition.  After years of not feeling well, Magadlena was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease.  Instead of letting doctors tell her there was nothing she could do to reverse her condition, she took her health and her future into her own hands!  Today, Magdalena is a Certified Nutrition Coach and a thyroid thriver, and she wants to help ALL WOMEN suffering from thyroid conditions feel better in just 30 days.

On September 27th, 7-8PM EST, Magdalena will be hosting a FREE CALL How I Fired Up My Thyroid.  During the hour, she will share her full journey of recovery from hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Disease.  Her goal is to introduce you to the power of nutrition and share with you her experience so YOU can shave off the “learning years” and feel better in no time!

What you will learn on the call:

  • What were the 3 most critical things that made the biggest difference in Magadelena’s own recovery
  • Why endocrinologists are helpless and so reliant on TSH and T4 alone, which is not enough…
  • How to assess doctors.
  • What other blood tests are critical.
  • Why today’s conventional medicine has no answers for thyroid diseases – and who does.
  • 2 actions steps you can implement today to start feeling better.
  • Find out the early-bird special for “Fire Up My Thyroid” Tele Seminar (via phone) coming up in October.


SIGN UP NOW to join the FREE CALL on September 27th, and take control of your own healthy future!

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