Home Sweet Home?

Our friend Gabby recently graduated from college.  She moved back to her hometown of New York City, got an entry-level – ie – low paying – job in publishing and moved back in with her parents to save money.  The only catch…  Her parents sat her down and told her she’d have to pay rent!  Of course the amount is not anywhere near what she would be paying if she lived on her own in NYC, but it’s rent all the same.

Gabby is outraged – she can’t believe her own parents are charging her to move back into her old bedroom.  Her parents can’t believe she expects to move back in for free. What do you think? Is it fair?  Or should Gabby be living with Mom & Dad free of charge? Tell us what you think!

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5 Responses to “Home Sweet Home?”

  1. Gail says:

    Yup, my son moved back in and, to his dismay, I’m charging him. He has a job, albeit a low paying one, yet he needs to learn how to be fiscally responsible. In addition, were I to rent a room in my apartment, I would be getting double what he pays and not have to have his wash done nor the cleaning of his room, cable, and all the other amenities which one would ordinarily pay for. I understand his position, however the situation has to be a win-win for all to amicably get along.

  2. Gee says:

    Yes, it’s fair. Gabby should help out. Things in life are not free. Her parents spent alot of money on her growing up and it’s only considerate to help pay for expenses while she is living there. Gabby will use up electricity, water and probably eat food. She should definitely help out.

  3. April K. says:

    The point of her moving home was to save money. By paying rent to her parents, she is not saving money, which means it will take longer for her to save money. I think maybe she could help out with groceries and maybe a utility bill, or she could do all of the household chores to make up for not paying rent. But if she has to pay rent, she may as well move out with a roommate.

  4. Louie says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Charging nominal rent is what’s called “Good Parenting”. Her parents motives are probably not those of greed or self preservation of assets, rather than a learning lesson. This is what’s called doing the tough stuff as a parent. Nothing is worth “Nothing” if it’s simply expected and for free. Good for them and this young lady should wake up and join the real world. A systemic problem in American Society today unfortunately. Maybe she expects them to give her back her teenage allowance too?

  5. Karen says:

    Paying rent to live anywhere, is a perfectly normal and expected fact of life. Gabby should be thankful that her parents have allowed her to live there. She is an adult, with adult responsibilities. She has been given the opportunity to learn financial responsibility in a safe, affordable situation. I hope she takes the learning opportunity seriously, and thanks her parents for providing it for her. If she is outraged, that indicates significant immaturity. Time to grow up!

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