Registering For Trouble?!

Our friend Darci could NOT believe it when she received an Evite to her friend Jen’s 30th birthday party – and attached to the invitation was a link to Jen’s Amazon Wish List!  Yes, basically, Jen sent out a registry of gift suggestion ideas — for herself!  Darci was totally horrified and decided right then and there to NOT get her something off the list. But, some of our friends thought Darci should relax – after all, it was Jen’s big 3-0, and if she was going to buy a gift for her anyway, wouldn’t she want it to be something Jen really wanted?  SO — what do you think – is registering for birthday presents an okay thing to do these days?  Or is it in bad taste?  Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “Registering For Trouble?!”

  1. Louie says:

    Poor taste to say the least. Since when do Birthdays attain the status of Weddings? Hope someone at least gets her a card, but not one on her list please.

  2. Melissa Pickett says:

    I think its fine. Since we live in Hawaii and family lives on the Mainland. We have a wishlist for our family & friends to look at, so they have help picking something out for the celebrations. Rather have something you want.

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