$25 Gift Card to Trader Joe’s

UPDATE: We have a winner for the Trader Joe’s $25 gift card giveaway. Congratulations to Stephanie Eckelkamp, our Fab & Fru winner! Check out this week’s OCC for our latest giveaway!

During our search for affordable wine and cheese pairings, we happened upon Trader Joe’s Fab & Fru selection. We were so happy with what we found, we immediately wanted to share with all our readers! ┬áIn addition to all the wines and cheeses, we’re sure you all know by now that TJs has an extensive Organic selection. So…

We’re excited to announce that one lucky reader will receive a $25 Trader Joe’s gift card!

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17 Responses to “$25 Gift Card to Trader Joe’s”

  1. Karen says:

    My Favorite Trader Joe Product is the Gluten Free Rice Pudding, it’s incredibly creamy tasting, not too sweet, and low in fat believe it or not! If you’re looking for an alternative dessert that is good for the kids and one they would actually eat, then i highly recommend this item…warning, you will need to buy more than 1 tub that’s how good it is!

  2. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the Trader Joe’s article. My wife and I are big fans of Trader Joe’s as well. As for a favorite item, I’m currently hooked on their ABC School House cinnamon cookies.

  3. Michele says:

    Corn & Chile Salsa!!

  4. Denise Fragoso says:

    Traders Joe’s 2 buck chuck is my favorite product! :)

  5. Alanna says:

    Sweetened dried green mango snacks! Mmm!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I second the Trader Joe’s 2 buck chuck comment!!! Especially the Cabernet Sauvignon. That, along with their Bruschetta and some crackers transports me from my cramped little Queens apartment to Italy :)

  7. Nancy says:

    Strawberry Mochi Ice cream!!!!!!!

  8. Sharon says:

    Well it is very difficult to pick just one favorite Tj’s product because I have so many, but, one product I cannot live without is the Salsa Verde, I put it on just about everything from my enchiladas to eggs, Yummy.

  9. Uzma says:

    If I had to pick just one item out of the many that I buy from TJ, it would have to be pound plus dark Belgian chocolate bar. It is amazing! So rich and flavorful. The soy sandwiches are pretty awesome. And the house blend and ultra-dark coffees, the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies… clearly I cannot pick just one favorite item from Trader Joe’s!

  10. Roxanne says:

    My favorite TJ product is the French Vanilla Ice Cream. It is SOOOOOO Good! I think I’m going to buy some tomorrow as I just remembered how good it is!

  11. Renee Strange says:

    Five Country Expresso Blend

  12. Condo Blues says:

    My favorite Trader Joe’s Product is Stockyard Stout. It’s made with coffee AND chocolate – what’s not to love?

  13. Sara Heggie says:

    gluten free waffles – they taste like vanilla & way cheaper than anywhere else.

  14. Jen Greene says:

    Two buck chuck! Which all my wedding guests seemed to love too, and we were thrilled there were just a few bottles left over for us.. date nights!

  15. Grace says:

    The kids and I just love everything we have purchased from there. There’s this one cookie called pure butter cookie. Yum!

  16. vivian says:

    i love the seaweed crisps! delicious!

  17. Heather says:

    I love Trader Joes. They have the best wines at the best prices. I love the veggie melody packs in the freezer section too. I try to get to Trader Joes as often as I can.

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