Fab & Fru Week In Review

by Stephanie Berenbaum – October 14, 2011

From Buffett to Bankruptcy

Another week has flown by, and we’ve got our Fab & Fru week in review round up for you – just in time to help you conjure up witty conversation all weekend long!

Warren Buffett made $62,855,038 last year

He’s not telling us that to make us all feel bad, he’s disclosing his income because he wants the government to take MORE of his moola. See our article for more on the “Buffett Rule”!

“Occupy Wall Street” Raises Money

Taking some inspiration from the financial district they are occupying, the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors have raised about $225,000 in cash, $150,000 in donations, and $75,000 towards funding their newspaper, the Occupy Wall Street Journal.  Whatever you think of the demonstrators, you have to admit that’s a pretty great name for a paper…

Harrisburg, PA Files For Bankruptcy

Perhaps the Occupy Wall Streeters can make them a loan?

S&P Downgrades Spain

The city of Harrisburg shouldn’t feel so bad.  The entire country of Spain got a downgrade in their credit rating from Standard & Poors.

Herman Cain becomes GOP Frontrunner

According to a new poll, Cain has emerged as the top Republican primary contender – at least for this week.  The mainstay of Cain’s campaign is his 9-9-9 tax plan – calling for 9% income tax, 9% national sales tax, 9% corporate income tax.

 And how was your financial week? 

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