Sweet Dreams?

Our friend Leigh was shopping at an upscale bedding boutique that recently opened in her neighborhood — full of thread counts higher than she ever knew existed!  After some browsing for duvet covers, she was about to throw in the towel because one was more outrageously expensive than the next.  But, on her way out, she spotted a $100 price tag on a beautiful duvet!  After eying prices upwards of $300, it seemed like a bargain compared to the rest…

Leigh was already dreaming of snuggling up  in her 1000 thread count comforter.  But when she took the cover up to pay for it, the salesperson apologized profusely and explained to Leigh that it had been mismarked – it was the pillowcases that cost $100 each, the duvet cover was actually $400!

Leigh flew off the handle and started accusing the boutique manager of false advertising and threatening to tell everyone in the neighborhood not to shop there unless they honored the price on the tag.  The boutique owner – not wanting any bad press for her new store – finally settled with Leigh by giving her the cover for $200 – still a 50% discount to the real price.

Many of us were horrified by Leigh’s outburst, though a few of our friends thought it was the store owner’s obligation to honor the price on the tag — what do you think?

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5 Responses to “Sweet Dreams?”

  1. Pamela H says:

    Actually I used to work retail and you had to give it for the price marked, even if it was a mistake. Of course, you would totally remove the tag or sign so it didn’t happen again, but if it’s marked that way, you sell it for that.

  2. Louie says:

    There’s a Law called “Bait and Switch”, which was obviously violated either intentionally or unintentionally by the Retailer. This is actually a legal issue and could have easily been pursued. The Retailer in question was obligated to sell the product at the marked price. Errors can be costly and that’s why businesses are obligated not only to the Consumer but to themselves as well.

  3. Yolanda says:

    In our county it is the law that the item must be sold for the price marked. Then they can make sure they don’t make the mistake again. But that particular one has to be sold at that price! I hope she stuck to her guns.

  4. Jenna says:

    The store owner should have honored the price, but Leigh was a bit over the top with her reaction!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Either way, she ended up with a sweet duvet for 50% off! Not bad!

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