Traveling With A Cheapskate…

All Jenna wanted to do for her 30th birthday was to visit her oldest friend Amy down in South Beach.  She invited her dear friend Keisha and her on again, off again boyfriend – Evan.  Both friends were super excited to celebrate with Jenna and hit all the South Beach hot spots.  But… at brunch the first morning of the trip, Evan started to complain about money.  Not only did he not want to split the bill with the three ladies, he made a big stink about how expensive everything was (even though Amy was putting them up).  Brunch was just the beginning of Evan’s cheap-o attitude.  And while Keisha became increasingly annoyed, Jenna defended Evan, trying to downplay the situation.

On the last night of their weekend, Amy cooked an elaborate spread for the group.  Keisha went to the wine store to pick up a few of bottles of wine to contribute to the party.  Not wanting to ask Jenna to pay for her B-day celebration, she asked Evan to split the cost with her.  He declined – claiming he didn’t even like wine…

Keisha flipped!  After unleashing every thought she had about his cheap behavior all weekend and how he treated her friend, she asked Evan why he came if he couldn’t afford the trip…  Evan was pissed, and when Jenna got wind of the fight, she was mortified.  Although they all tried to put on their best face at dinner,  their final night was far from perfect.

Was it Keisha’s place to call out her friend’s boyfriend’s bad behavior, or should she have just rolled with the punches?  What would you have done if you were traveling with a cheapskate like Evan?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Traveling With A Cheapskate…”

  1. Jk says:

    First if I were Keisha I wouldn’t have brought Evan because as his gf I would have known he was cheap.

    You can’t budget other peoples money so set your budget go dutch and don’t worry about it.

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