The More The Merrier?


Thanksgiving is upon us, a holiday that is supposed to be filled with gratitude and good will.  So why it is that so many Thanksgiving celebrations leave the participants wanting to kill each other?

Take, for example, the dilemma our friend Beth currently finds herself in:

Beth, her husband and their three kids have been planning on going to her cousin Lynn’s house for Thanksgiving.  Yesterday, at her daughter’s Thanksgiving performance, Beth started chatting with Kelly, a new mom in the class, whose family has just relocated to LA and are staying put for the holiday.  They don’t know anyone in town, and are planning on spending the holiday alone.  Impulsively, Beth offered to have the new family join them for Thanksgiving – at her cousin’s house…

Well, cousin Lynn wasn’t exactly happy about having 4 extra people who are complete strangers joining her feast.  And aside from not knowing them, she was annoyed that she would now have to arrange for extra seating, food – you get the idea.  So, she told Beth to decide – either Beth could bring her family as planned, or Beth could go have her own Thanksgiving with the newcomers!

Some of our friends think it was a bad call to invite the new family to Lynn’s home – while others think it was totally in the spirit of Thanksgiving to reach out to new people in town over the holiday.  Is Lynn being stingy with her spirit, or was Beth’s offer to Kelly as bad as any impulse purchase you’ve ever made?  Tell us what you think!

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4 Responses to “The More The Merrier?”

  1. Rebekah says:

    Absolutely rude to invite someone- much less four someones!-to a celebration that you are not hosting! Planning a huge meal where everyone has huge expectations is stressful enough! Thanksgiving is a day to spend with family, too, not strangers. If you want to invite extra people good for you, but don’t offer on someone else’s behalf.

  2. liz says:

    Totally rude and inconsiderate. People don’t realize how much work it is until the tables are turned. Why doesn’t Beth host everything at her house and then we’ll see how she feels about 4 last minute extras.

  3. CJ says:

    Very rude. Making a Thanksgiving feast is hard and stressful enough without having to plan for several extra people at the last minute.

  4. carol says:

    I agree that is was rude of Beth to invite her friends without first consulting her cousin, but, maybe Lynn should lighten up a bit and embrace her inner generous spirit. I believe in karma, if you do a good deed, someone will do something nice for you. Maybe she could ask Beth and Kelly to each bring a dish to lighten her work load. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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