Week In Review

From the Mediterranean to Mitt Romney

How did another week fly by?  And why are there already Christmas decorations everywhere?  It’s Friday, which means it’s time for our Fab & Fru Week In Review!

Greece & Italy – Shufflin’ The Deck

Both Greece and Italy announced their Prime Ministers would be stepping down, but that’s no excuse for you not knowing their names! Greece’s outgoing PM is George Papandreou and Italy’s is the infamous Silvio Berlusconi.  Both countries have vowed to incorporate austerity measures and welcome new leaders who will champion reform. Greece’s new Prime Minister is a former banker, Lucas Papademus.  And after Berlusconi steps down (probably this weekend), he most likely will be replaced by Italian economist Mario Monti. Let’s just hope this personnel change amounts to more than shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

Jefferson County, Alabama Bankruptcy

In a nod to the trendsetting of Harrisburg, PA a few weeks ago, Alabama’s Jefferson County announced it cannot pay it’s bills and is seeking bankruptcy protection. In addition to Jefferson County being home to Birmingham, Alabama’s biggest city, it now also holds the distinction of being the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Mitt Romney Sends Thank You Bouquet To Rick Perry

Okay, that didn’t really happen – but it should have! In what is sure to be a hot topic at any cocktail party this weekend, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry spaced out during a live debate and could not remember what the third government agency was that he had previously proposed closing down.  As he eloquently said himself: “Oops” — it was yet  another blunder in a series of Perry debate gaffes. Perry’s brain freeze, combined with allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain, is making it all the more likely that Mitt Romney will secure the Republican nomination to run against President Obama next year.


Given the precarious state of the economy, playing the lottery actually doesn’t seem like such a bad bet – and many of us are expected to do just that because of the “lucky” date today: 11-11-11.  More importantly, of course, it is also Veteran’s Day – a day to thank all the men and women who have served our country. 

If you are looking for yet another reason to celebrate 11-11-11, then we’re sure you’ve already got the 411 that today is also Corduroy Appreciation Day.  Yes, Corduroy.  Admit it – when you saw 11-11-11 pop up today, you saw the lines of comfy corduroyed legs dancing on your screen too. Yummy, fall colored pants and jackets, waiting to envelop you in their warmth.  And while we don’t have confirmation on this, we’re guessing this might be the brainchild of the Occupy Wall Streeters – who else has that much time on their hands?

Penn State

The fact that big football at big schools equals big money is not surprising.  But what is beyond shocking is that it seems many officials at Penn State chose to protect a lucrative football program over the welfare of children. We hope the focus of PSU’s community goes to helping the real victims – the children – rather than protesting head coach Joe Paterno’s firing.



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