Adopt a Pet This Holiday Season

by Alexandra Pauline – December 21, 2011

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

This may be the season of holiday cheer and good will toward men, but what about our furry friends out there looking for a warm and loving home?

More than ever, shelters all over the country are packed with strays and abandoned cats and dogs in need of a good home.  And we’ve heard that YOU just might be considering bringing a furry addition into your family.  Well, you’re in luck: adopting a shelter animal is the Fab & Fru way to find a cuddly critter – while saving the life of a deserving pet!

Why Adopt?

Choosing to adopt a pet is an affordable and humane alternative to purchasing one from a pet store or breeder.  Not only is it far less expensive (usually just the cost of shots and neutering), but adoption helps to mitigate pet overpopulation.  Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director of Found Animals Foundation, an L.A.-based animal welfare group said, “More puppies are sold at pet stores during the holidays than any other time of the year.  Pet overpopulation is such an epidemic that many retailers are beginning to take notice and make positive changes by severing their ties with substandard backyard breeders and puppy mills, which supply many of these stores.” In fact, many pet stores no longer sell dogs and cats, but rather work with mobile divisions of local shelters who set up their adoption trucks outside of stores like Petco, and encourage shoppers to adopt.

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    Definitely a a great ideal for pet and owner alike!!

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