Brunch Is On Me?

Last week Jen’s college friends Melanie and Ella came to visit her in Brooklyn for a long weekend.  Saturday morning, the three friends went out for brunch, and Melanie and Ella insisted on treating Jen to show their appreciation for her being such a gracious host.  Jen put up a fuss about her friends taking her out, but when the bill came, the two ladies grabbed the check and put down their cards to split the bill.  Their intentions were good, but when the waiter came around, he informed them that the restaurant was cash only…  Luckily,  Jen had enough cash to cover everyone, so she paid and the trio headed out to do a little shopping.

When they passed the nearest ATM Mel and Ella stopped to get cash, but Jen felt awkward taking her friends money.  Brunch had been cheap, and she told them it was no big deal.  Mel wasn’t having it and shoved a $20 in Jen’s purse before could put up more of a fight.   Ella, on the other hand, took Jen up on her offer – and pocketed her cash.

Was Ella cheap for not insisting on paying her friend back – especially after Mel did?  Did Jen make the situation more awkward by not graciously accepting her friends offer to treat her in the first place?  Tell us what you would do in this situation – from both sides of the coin!



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3 Responses to “Brunch Is On Me?”

  1. Erica says:

    Ella was very cheap and sounds like a creep! Jen was gracious enough to get them off the hook in the restaurant, and Ella certainly should have paid her part. They said they were going to treat her to brunch.

  2. carol says:

    If the arrangement was that Melanie and Ella were going to treat Jen to thank her for being a generous host, then Jen should have graciously accepted the money. Ella should not have pocketed the money. That was just plain cheap.

  3. louie says:

    Oh yes, this is an awkward situation and totally wrong. In all actuality, Mel should have turned to Ella and said “are you kidding me” and forced the situation. That would have been the right thing to do and handling it properly, leaving Jen out of the equation all together.
    Another interesting thought here is NYC and the antiquated “cash only policy” in many establishments. What would have happened if no one had cash? In any event, this should not put friendship in the way of an obvious cheap mishandling of an awkward situation. Looks like people can dumb out quite easily. It’s the Holiday season….forgive and forget.

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