Holiday Week In Review

End of the Year: I’m so OUT…I’m IN!

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa all in the same week?  Let’s get this party started – it’s the Fab & Fru Week In Review!

Hanukkah Harry brought me the best gift of all this year – the realization that I am so “out” – I’m actually IN!  And on not one, but two fronts, involving, of course, “intimate grooming” and Pop Duo Hall & Oates.  They do sort of strangely go together, don’t they?  Ok, for starters…

Callin’ Oates

Look, I grew up listening to Hall & Oates, and I am a little self-conscious about the fact that even today, I have their greatest hits CD in my car.  I mean, what would the other moms at school think if they heard me driving up, blasting “Private Eyes”?  Well, it appears my musical taste is suddenly hip again.  A duo out of San Francisco launched Callin’ Oates this week – so for those of you, who find yourself needing a Hall and Oates fix to make it through your day, you can now call 719-26-Oates (local rates apply) and experience a holiday miracle, on demand.

Was Laser SO Last Year?

Our favorite news story of the week was about how women’s pubic hair is making a resurgence.  Which is great news for those of us who never got around to removing it in the first place!  Aside from being painful, laser hair removal is expensive.  So, ladies – perhaps this resurgence of a more natural look will save you time, money, in addition to eliminating some painful zapping sessions from your life.

Congress Narrowly Escapes Naughty List

Just in time for Christmas (surprise, surprise) Congress agreed to an extension of the Payroll Tax Cut - thereby keeping more money in your pockets – at least for the time being.  And since you no longer have to use the extra dough to pay for laser hair removal, just think of all the other things you can use it for, things like …

Planting Peace

…which is one of the most Fab & Fru charities we know!  If you are looking for last minute holida gifts that make a huge difference without putting a hole in your wallet, please consider making a donation in honor of a loved one to this charity.  For only $5 you can bring Christmas to an orphan in Haiti – or for $50 bring the magic of the holidays to an entire orphanage.  It doesn’t get much more Fabulous than that.

No matter what you celebrate, Happy Holidays to our Fab readers – we are grateful to you and can’t wait to make the coming year the most Fab & Fru yet!

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