Spreading The Holiday Cheer?

Last night Zoe’s company had their holiday party, and the marketing department exchanged their annual Secret Santa gifts.  Zoe got her co-worker Ben a Yankee’s baseball cap, while Zoe’s Secret Santa, Grace, got her a bottle of Spanish wine.  As the festivities raged on, and the bar went dry, Grace suggested, instead of going home, that they pop open Zoe’s bottle of Tempranillo.  She had just been dying to try it…

Of course, Zoe wanted to do her part to keep the party going, but she did pause for a second and wonder if Grace had hoped she would share it all along?  Was Zoe selfish for feeling that way?  Was Grace cheap for asking Zoe to share her gift in the first place, or was it just her effort to spread the holiday cheer?

Tell us what you think?!

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3 Responses to “Spreading The Holiday Cheer?”

  1. Sally says:

    I think Grace was pretty selfish, but it was a holiday and Zoe should just let it roll off her back

  2. Molly says:

    Agree with Sally. It was selfish of Grace to ask Zoe to open and share. However, I would give Grace the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to perhaps having one too many glasses of wine before making the request. We all get a little loose lipped sometimes. No biggie.
    That said, Zoe should have no feelings of having to comply to Graces request to open and share, and in a friendly tone say, “Nope! I’m saving this for another night” and then smile and put it away.

  3. Gwin says:

    This has happened t me a couple of times. Although it is great to share, Zoe really didn’t get a gift for herself. I guess it really doesn’t matter, but maybe Zoe wanted to share her wine with her friends. I would say Grace was arrogant and cheap to make a suggestion to offer someone else’s gift.

Any Thoughts?