Week In Review

From European Debt to the Kardashian Jet Set

Whoa.  Is it our imagination or are the weeks speeding by faster as 2011 draws to a close?  Well, just in time for the weekend, here’s our Fab & Fru Week In Review!

Eurozone Deal – Sort Of..

A majority of European leaders (notably NOT including Britain) agreed on a deal to try to fix Europe’s mounting debt crisis, complete with new rules about taxing and spending, and sanctions for countries who overspend.  Hopefully, the European leaders are making it their new year’s resolution to stick to their fiscal fitness plan!

Household Wealth Takes A Hit

But you probably already knew that right?  In the 3rd quarter of this year, U.S. households took the biggest hit to their wealth since the 2008 financial crisis – averaging out to a loss of about $7,800 per person.  If you thought that was bad …

Show Me The Money

Former MF Global chief Jon Corzine (who is also the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the former governor of New Jersey) testified before a congressional committee that he “simply didn’t know” where $1.2 billion in customer funds disappeared to. Well, who hasn’t misplaced a little money from time to time, right??  Speaking of losing money…

Kim Kardashian Kashes In Again!

Still don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve?  Don’t worry – the Kardashians are here to help!  Kim Kardashian is “hosting” a blow out fete at Las Vegas nightclub Tao- and for a mere $20,000 (yes, twenty thousand) dollars, lucky YOU can have the table right next to Kim’s.  For more on the scientific reasons someone might spend 20k to sit near Kim Kardashian, check out our article on buying status!

And How Was Your Week?

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