Week In Review

Funding, Credit Scores, Mortgage Rates, Oh My!

Agreement Reached To Prevent Government Shutdown

Congressional negotiators reached a deal to keep the U.S. government funded through most of next year.  Still on the table? What to do about extending the pay roll tax cut program and unemployment benefits due to expire at year’s end.  Something tells us our leaders will get it together in time not to infringe on their holiday vacation…

No More Paper Savings Bonds

When I went to my bank yesterday and tried to buy a good, old-fashioned paper savings bond, the young lass behind the bullet proof glass told me “we don’t make those any more” What?!  My young friend was speaking the truth – from now on, savings bonds are only available in electronic form.  I, for one, am going to miss the classic paper versions – getting an e-bond just isn’t the same!

Mortgage Rates Hit Record Lows

Hey, finally some good news from Santa!  Mortgage rates are so low they are practically giving money away …that is if you are one of the few Americans who can still qualify for a mortgage.  So, to the lucky few out there – go lock in your rates – under 4 percent!

Fitch Downgrades World’s Top Banks

You might be feeling bad about your lame credit score, but take some solace in knowing that the Fitch rating agency just downgraded the scores of many of the world’s top banks – making it the third credit rating agency in as many months to downgrade huge global banks.  See, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley got lumps of coal this year too…

And How Was Your Week? 

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