Best Root Concealer Ever!

by Stephanie Berenbaum – January 18, 2012

A Quick Spray Does Away With The Grey!

(Please note – the following is NOT a paid review – it is just a Fab & Fru Find we love and wanted to share with you!) 

I’ve found it – a hair product I cannot live without.  All of you ladies out there who battle with grey roots – help is just a spray away… So, I’ve written before about my pesky grey hair.  Well, to be honest it is actually stark white hair – ALL of it.  But of course you wouldn’t know it to look at me – because I color it constantly to bring back the chestnut warmth of my youth.  And while I still love my favorite at home D.I.Y. haircolor, Naturtint, and even splurge at the salon on occasion, I found a new product which has taken first place in my heart (and on my head)!

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

As I mentioned,  my hair is 100 % grey – and it grows like a weed. I started going grey at 17 and I am 39 now – so it’s been over 20 years of dealing with this crap.  Basically, if I get my hair colored on Monday, by Friday grey roots are popping up, mocking me. Between running a business and being a mom, I just didn’t have the time or energy to keep up with weekly hair maintenance. Which led to me walking around sporting a white streak in the middle of my head most days – as you can imagine, not my best look.   And that’s when Rita walked into my life…

I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I saw the can of Rita Hazan Root Concealer sitting on the shelf.  A little can of spray paint for your roots?  It seemed to good to be true.  I’d tried other temporary covers from hair crayons to mascara wands before – and never been happy with the results.  But, catching a glimpse of my skunk like hair in the mirror, I bought it and hoped for the best.

Life Changing Product

Let me cut to the chase – this product literally changed my life.  Here’s why – now when I wake up in the morning and see grey popping up, I just lightly spray a little Root Concealer on my part, and in literally 5 seconds the grey is gone!  Granted, it’s just a temporary fix, but that’s all I need.  Plus, it is actually water resistant and stays in until shampoo’d out.  Since I don’t shampoo my hair everyday anyway, it can last for days.

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5 Responses to “Best Root Concealer Ever!”

  1. Darleen says:

    Thanks so much! Sounds like a terrific find and I am going to definitely try it. You girls are on top of everything!

  2. Jen says:

    I have never been so excited to see a product (w/a trusted endorsement) EVER!!!
    My hair is a close to black as brown gets, and needless to say, they grey might as well have a spotlight on it. Plus, any help avoiding the salon every 6 Weeks, is beyond exciting. It’s $75 back in my pocket, so for that I am grateful!!

  3. Pea` says:

    I’m on board! I’m all about looking and remaining fab as naturally as possible. So this product is a God sent if it truly works. And from what I’ve seen fromt the info commercial…it works. I will be trying it out. The proof is in the pudding. I’ll keep you posted. You ladies are certainly on top of your game. I appreciate it. Power 2 U.

  4. Wendy says:

    This product sounded very intriguing but after looking at reviews on and Amazon that were not flattering, I think I’ll pass on it.

    • Steph says:

      Hi there – I read some of those bad reviews after I bought it and was pretty surprised – of course beauty products are very personal in nature but I do love this Root Concealor – it really is one of the few products I can’t live without! My white roots are covered in an instant without having to deal with hair dye constantly – victory!

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