Does Exhaustion Cost You Money?

by Alexandra Pauline – January 16, 2012

Sleep & Your Savings Plan

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep helps to keep us healthy and functioning at our finest.  But what you may not know is that losing sleep may also lead to you losing money.  See how getting enough rest is a Fab & Fru way to keep help you keep more money in the bank!

Do Wealthier People Sleep More?

We’ve all pulled an all nighter or two in our day.  And while they are sometimes unavoidable, many experts would argue that people who are tired all of the time are not as successful as their well rested colleagues.  It may seem obvious, but not only does getting seven to nine hours a night help you avoid getting sick, it helps you to get more done during the day with a whole lot less effort.  And the better you are at leveraging your time, the more likely to are to reach all your goals – including your financial ones!

The Insomniac’s Shopping Dilemma

Chronic fatigue can bog down your budget more than you think.   People who have trouble sleeping run the risk of wasting money because they tend to make more impulsive decisions than the well-rested do.  Many people who can’t sleep at night surf the web and home shopping stations.  Things often look more enticing to the late night shopper than they may in the light of day.  And according to, when you are sleep deprived, “Your thinking is slowed, you’re too tired to listen to advice, and you sometimes aren’t fully understanding what you’re reading or hearing.  When you’re making big financial decisions you need all your brain power so that you don’t get caught up in a scam and agree to unfavorable terms.”  -If you have serious trouble sleeping, please contact your health care provider.

Take The Time To Wind Down

As women who want to have it all, our mental to-do-list is never ending.  Between work, kids, friends and family, there is often no sleep for the weary.  And even when we’re totally exhausted and can’t wait to sleep, the pressures of everyday life can keep us wound up for hours.  The key – really take the time to clear your mind.  Whether it’s a hot bath,  a cup of Sleepy Time tea or reading a gossip magazine, giving yourself a hour or so before bedtime to wind down will help you sleep better and sleep through night.  To paraphrase the wise words of Ben Franklin: Early to bed, early to rise, helps keep a woman healthy, wealthy and wise!

Stay Away from the Late Night Snacks

According to Joyce Daoust, a Certified Nutritionist and national best selling co-author of “The Formula, A Personalized 40-30-30 Weight Loss Program,” the key foods to avoid eating at night include: sugar, alcohol, and high-carbohydrate snacks that can spike blood sugar and insulin levels.  “These foods can block the release of human growth hormone, inhibiting proper repair and recovery of your body, disrupting sleep patterns, and waking you after only a few hours of sleep.”  Nutrition expert Tina Ruggiero, MS, RD, LD also added, “Do something after eating — light chores, laundry, etc.  Don’t go right to bed.  That will also help guarantee a good night’s rest.”

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