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Czars, Cars & Caucuses!

Welcome 2012!  And while we just completed the first week of a new year, some things have stayed the same.  It’s Friday, and we’ve got the Fab & Fru ‘Week in Review.’  So, whether you’re still recovering from the holidays or you’re already taking 2012 by storm, start your weekend off in the know, with this week’s financial highlights!

Our Kind of Happy Hour!

A story out of the Fairmont Hotel’s Cavalli Club in Dubai really had us wondering…  Forget about the state of the world economy, are there really people out there willing to spend $32 – on a single slice of cake?  Oh, and did we forget to mention the $105,000 bar tab that went along with it?!  That’s one ridiculously expensive hangover!

The Unemployment Rates Inches Down

Not only did the holiday shopping and spending season breathe a little hope into the economy this December, the Department of Labor reported that the U.S. added 200,000 new jobs – bringing unemployment down from 8.6% to 8.5%.  This marks the sixth straight month that the economy has added over 100,000 new jobs.  Fingers crossed that the slow and steady will win the race…

Baby, You Can Drive My (American Made) Car

The Big 3 American car companies – Ford, GM and Chrysler, are all expected to be profitable when 2011 results are reported in a few weeks –  a feat not accomplished since 2004!  Thank you, Eminem (and the Beatles).

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