Bye Bye, Bikini Wax

by Stephanie Berenbaum – February 23, 2012

Hello, Hair Raising Savings

If you could be saving yourself $1000 this year, not to mention a lot of time and pain – you’d probably be interested, right?  It turns out you have to look no further than your own body to find extra cash in places you might not have thought possible!  That’s right: consider – just consider – the possibility of giving up your bikini wax…

Great Expectations

Bikini waxing has gone from novelty to perceived necessity in the past decade.  And while I have never personally understood the allure of shelling out a fortune to have my pubic hair violently pulled off, I recently started thinking about it from a financial perspective.  Waxing is not only painful and time consuming – it’s expensive!

One of the best trends we can see coming out of the recession?  Pubic hair seems to be making a comeback.  We’re guessing a lot of women just can’t afford the upkeep anymore – combined with the fact that waxing has pushed the envelope as far as it can go (Vajazzle, anyone?).  Whatever the reason, your wallet will feel less bare if you jump on board the au naturel band wagon…

How Much Are You Spending On Waxing?

Here in Los Angeles, a “regular” bikini wax seems to run about $30, with Brazilians and specialty waxes running closer to $75.  So, with an average of around $50 a wax, and a grooming schedule of every 3-4 weeks – OUCH – that easily adds up to approximately $1000 a year, including tipping.  Sure, you can find cheap-y salons that charge a bit less, but if someone is pouring hot wax on my privates, my instinct is to pay for quality!

Bush is Back!

Never thought you’d be pro-Bush, so to speak?  News flash: hairstyles are fleeting- no matter what part of your body they are on.  A recent Jezebel article pointed to the trend of major models being seen with full pubic hair, rather than the Barbie doll look sported in recent years.  We’re not sure why pubic hair got demonized in the 80′s, but you need only look back at iconic Helmut Newton fashion shoots to see that in the not so distant past, body hair was the sensual focal point of many famous photos!

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2 Responses to “Bye Bye, Bikini Wax”

  1. Caroline says:

    This is a simple, yet somehow radical, suggestion. Way to go fab & fru!

  2. rene says:

    vive les poils

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