Getting Your iPhone Stolen

by Brandi Savitt – February 2, 2012

Chic Does Not Always Mean Safe

Last night I met a couple of friends for a glass of wine at the Fab but not so Fru Soho House in New York City.  As the international crowd of New York’s upwardly mobile sipped their fancy cocktails and mingled, it never crossed my mind that a private club was a place that I needed to worry about getting my phone stolen….

Like the others sitting at the bar, I was waiting for a call and had placed my phone on the bar right in front of me – no big deal…  But when we went to leave for the night, my beloved iPhone in the purple case – filled with memorable pictures that I had yet to download – was gone.  Had I dropped it?  Had my friend Betsy picked it up by mistake?  We looked everywhere.  Finally, I left my email at the front desk, and I went home to track it on Find Your Phone.  Poof!  It was gone just like that – without a trace.  –It just goes to show you that, even in upscale places, people steal – and it sucks.

Prepare & Protect Your Phone

It goes without saying that losing or getting a smart phone of any kind stolen is one BIG expensive pain in the butt.  We carry our lives around in those little devices, and no one takes pity on you with the price – especially Apple – even if you’re a long time, valued customer.

There are some ways however, to protect and prepare yourself if you ever find yourself in my shoes.  So, take a second and take note, because it can happen to you too!

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One Response to “Getting Your iPhone Stolen”

  1. Jan says:

    What a nightmare. They are valuable phones and the market to sell hot phones is huge. Sadly, thieves are everywhere!!! Thanks for the reminder and the tips!

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