If The Shoe Fits…?

A couple of months ago, Diana did a little impulse shopping and bought a pair of killer dark blue suede ankle boots.  Although they felt a little snug when she tried them on, they were the last pair, and the sale price was a steal.  Besides, she was sure that they stretch by the weekend – but of course they didn’t…

Cut to last month…  Diana’s friend Renee stopped by for coffee one afternoon, and in the course of conversation, the two friends starting planning Renee’s wardrobe for her upcoming big date.  Diana brought out the perfect pair of boots that would make the entire outfit, and they seemed to fit Renee perfectly!  The boots looked so good on Renee, that Diana told her to just hold on to them – someone should be wearing them after all, right?

Cut to last week… Diana met her friend Carmen (who is also good friends with Renee) for dinner after work.  And there on Carmen’s feet were Diana’s blue suede boots.  “Nice boots,” Diana said with an edge of sarcasm.  Carmen replied, “Oh, yeah – they were originally yours, right?  The heel was too high for Renee so she gave them to me, and they fit me to a tee.  I love them, thank you!”

Diana was totally annoyed with her two friends for not asking her first if it was okay to circulate the boots amongst the group.  She chose not to say anything and let it go, but she secretly felt a little taken advantage of.  Did Diana have a right to be mad?  Should she have asked for the boots back?  Should Carmen have offered to buy them from her?  Or should Diana just be happy that one of her good friends gets to enjoy them – no matter how they ended up on her feet?

Tell us what you think!

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4 Responses to “If The Shoe Fits…?”

  1. Jiminy Drambuie says:

    Diana sounds like a control freak. She GAVE them away. They were now Renee’s — to with as she wished. If Diana’s initial intentions were true – that she just hoped someone would be wearing them, getting use out of them, and enjoying them — then that is EXACTLY what happened. It sounds like Renee did enjoy them – but for a one-time event, as the heel was too high. Carmen loves them, and is obviously happily wearing them. And, Carmen even politely (and effusively) thanked her.

    Diana sounds like she might need a few rounds of therapy.

  2. filochick1982 says:

    I think once you give something away, you give away rights to control what happens to it after that. So I can understand why Diana was mad, but the boots were no longer hers, so she was not in a position to say anything. I don’t think Carmen should have offered to pay for the boots. If Diana was silly enough to give just them away instead of selling them, that’s her problem, not Renee’s or Carmen’s.

  3. Carol says:

    Out of courtesy, Carmen should have asked if Diana wanted the boots back or if it was alright to give them away. I think Carmen was at fault here. They were not hers to give away.

  4. Simone M says:

    Diana told Renee to “hold on to them”, which means to wear them when you want. They really weren’t Renee’s.

    Renee should have asked Diana if it was ok to give them to Carmen.

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