Turn Your Opinions Into Change

by Brandi Savitt – February 16, 2012

Dear Mr. President…

It doesn’t really matter if you like to talk politics, or you tend to keep your opinions to yourself.  Soft spoken or not, we don’t know a woman alive that doesn’t have a strong opinion about something – and we want to hear yours.  Not only is this an election year, the future of the world as we know it is at pivotal point.  Action speaks louder than words, and we at Fab & Fru think that NOW is the time to stop waiting for others to come up with solutions and start voicing our own!

No matter which political party you identify with, we want to create a safe and neutral place for women to share their ideas, not to argue, but to inspire change. Please take the time to comment on the issues that matter to you most.  Think of this ongoing forum as our own Fab & Fru think tank.  Forget the politics and focus on solutions.  If you could stand in front of Congress, in front of the President – what would you say?  This forum may start with what may seem are just a bunch of comments, but TOGETHER our collective voice can become more than talk.  Together, we can BE the change…

The State of the Government

From the economy to education, if you were President, what would you fight to change?  Is our current political system in need of some adjustment?  What about Congress?  If you could change anything about the system, what would it be?

Healthcare & Women’s Health

As a woman, what is the most important thing to you when it comes to healthcare for you and your family? Are you up to speed about what’s going on with The Affordable Healthcare Act passed in 2010?  Do you feel women’s specific healthcare needs are overshadowed by the politics of abortion? Do you think politics has a place in healthcare? What would you change?

Jobs, Jobs, & More Jobs?

Do I need to say more?  Is the land of opportunity a thing of the past?  While millions of people of all generations and education levels are out of work and in desperate need of a job, the kids coming out of school today are even at a greater disadvantage.  Is the expectation that each generation will do financially better than their parents over?  Can the government turn it around?  Can they actually create enough jobs for all those in need?  How do we turn it around?  How do we bring the American dream back?

The Value of Education

From tenure to test scores to the right to a college education, how do we challenge the system to make education stronger? If being a teacher is one of the most important jobs, how can poorer areas entice better educators?  If the government put more money into education, how can we ensure it ends up bettering the students directly?

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7 Responses to “Turn Your Opinions Into Change”

  1. Molly says:

    Until the members of Congress and the Senate have to buy into the same healthcare system that the rest of us citizens do, there will never be a good health care plan in this country. They have the Rolls Royce plan….for free…..and they truly don’t give a damn about the rest of us. It’s as simple as that.

    Make them get rid of their Platunium medical plan, and you’d see our health care system fixed pronto!

    They have this for life, even if only serving 1 day in Congress/Senate!!!

  2. Louie says:

    There are so many points you’ve brought up, all of which need total re-vamping, it’s almost impossible to site them without writting a book.
    As a former educator, I can personally tell you, it’s not money thrown at the system that matters, rather than where it’s spent. If it goes into the classroom it works. If it goes to administrative beaurocracy, you’ve flushed it down the toilet. And going into the classroom doesn’t mean into the teachers pockets either.
    What also might be interesting would be to hear, from a female perspective, what advantages or disadvantages might arrise if we had a Female President?

  3. Jenn says:

    Believe it or not, you can help keep the peace by staying very strong in the defense department. By weakening us, we become a target.

  4. Samantha says:

    Healthcare and abortion are NOT things that should be in politics!!! They just help promote a parties agenda rather than help women. What a women does or does not do to her body is a private matter, not a government mandated matter.
    The best healthcare would be private and not run by the government. You need look no further than the post office.

  5. Sharon says:

    There are so many things covered in this article that it’s difficult to choose what’s most worth vocalizing. I will first say that I completely disagree with Jenn and am wholeheartedly behind Samantha. I think that as a woman, especially a twenty-something woman, concern for reproductive rights and access to women-oriented healthcare is at the fore of our minds over other issues that may take precedence as we age. That being said, I am utterly appalled by the actions of an administration that was supposed to swoop in and restore the atrocities that were committed against us by a Bush regime that brought us back to the fifties. It feels like every morning I read about a new republican senator pork barreling anti-choice or anti-contraception measures into bills that continue to come too close to passing each time. Even if you’re not as blatantly pro-choice/pro-contraception coverage/pro-WOMEN (#WOMYN) as I am, how can these sorts of issues not be the most significant to you when your basic rights are being put into question??

  6. BizSugar.com says:

    Turn Your Opinions Into Change…

    It doesn’t really matter if you like to talk politics, or you tend to keep your opinions to yourself. Soft spoken or not, we don’t know a woman alive that doesn’t have a strong opinion about something – and we want to hear yours. For more information v…

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