Week in Review

Syria – The Bloodshed Continues

If you turned on the news at all this week, you could not escape the blood filled images of the Syrian people – still being slaughtered by the brutal regime of President Bashar al-Assad.  To add to the disgust, the week began with the news that Russia and China had both BLOCKED a U.N. resolution which would have condemned the Syrian government’s violence against its citizens.  Today, U.S. lawmakers started to take matters into their own hands,  and introduced a resolution calling for the U.S. to give aid directly to the anti-government rebels fighting the al-Assad regime.

Greek Tragedy – The Debt Drama Continues

Greece announced a new (or should we say “yet another new”) austerity package this week, in the hopes of getting it together enough to qualify for (yet another) huge bailout, mainly from other countries who don’t want to be pulled under by the still-sinking Greek ship.  Still feels like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic to us…

Contraception Controversy

After a contentious battle over whether religiously affiliated institutions should be required to pay for birth control (when against their religious beliefs), President Obama finally reached a compromise this week.  The new deal is that religiously affiliated institutions will NOT be forced to offer birth control insurance coverage to employees, but – insurers will then be required to provide contraceptive coverage free of charge to any female employees of these institutions.  Though this issue seems settled, don’t get too comfortable – it’s an election year, and just the beginning of many conflicts surrounding both reproductive rights and religious freedom…

Mortgage Madness Continues

So, the nation’s biggest banks announced a settlement to help make up for some of their f’d up foreclosure practices.  One of the things that still sounds f’d up to us: for people who lost their homes due to suspect foreclosure practices – part of the settlement will be used to give you a payment – of UP TO…wait for it….$2000.  Which by our calculation doesn’t even begin to pay for moving expenses.  Seriously – talk about adding insult to injury.

And How Was Your Week? 

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One Response to “Week in Review”

  1. Sharon Savage says:

    I’m sure the lawyers and bank CEOs are having a grand time laughing it up while homeowners are still suffering. $2,000 does not begin to scratch the surface of pain and humiliation suffered by the homeowners. The banks still find yet another way to add insult to injury.

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