An Essential App For Online Shoppers

by Stephanie Berenbaum – March 11, 2012

Get Organized & Save!

We wrote about the money-saving SLICE app last year when it debuted – and the latest scoop is it just became available for all you Android users too!

What Is Slice?

As you may recall, Slice is a FREE, web based service and downloadable app that saves you time and money by organizing your online receipts.  It pulls all the info you need – shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies and customer service info – and organizes it all in one easy place.

Basically, it is a dream app for someone like me who shops a lot online but tends to be, shall we say….chronically disorganized. I tend to forget “return by” dates and misplace online receipts – all of which equals money flying out of my pocket.  Here’s what makes Slice so Fab & Fru:

Hassle Free Returns

This is the biggie for me, and I am guessing maybe for a lot of you too…  I have to admit,  there have been times that I have been forced to hold onto stuff I didn’t need just because I had lost the online receipt somewhere in my inbox.  But Slice keeps a copy of all your electronic receipts in one easy to access place. In addition, Slice keeps all the info on the return rules and customer service info so you can simplify returns and save money – not to mention major headaches!

Price Adjustments Made Easy

Slice tracks your orders, and let’s you know when there has been a price drop so you can recoup the difference!

It Remembers What You Ordered – Even When You Don’t

I can’t be the only one who orders online in the middle of the night to be “efficient” – and then the next day can’t recall what on earth I bought!  Slice tracks all your shipments in one place – including detailed info about the contents – not just where you ordered from.

Helps De-Clutter Your Inbox 

Slice consolidates your shopping history in one place too so you don’t have to waste time digging through emails or a million websites to get the info you need.  And we all know…time is money!

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