Are You a Savvy Shopper?

by Alexandra Pauline – March 5, 2012

Save on Your Next Shopping Spree

Starting to get spring shopping fever?  Well, we have some Fab & Fru tips to help wake you out of your shopping hibernation AND keep you on top of some of the most savvy deals year round!

Know When to Shop the Discount Rack

Knowing WHEN to shop is one of the easiest ways to save.  Most retail stores follow a set weekly schedule for when they move items to the sale rack – thus making the following day your PRIME TIME to shop.  Department stores are typically known for doing their markdowns on Tuesday nights before closing, which means Wednesday morning is the time to find the best selection on the latest deals.  Though this might be the first time you’re hearing about the markdown schedule, it’s really NO secret.  If you want to find out when to let your fashionista ferocity strike, all you have to do is ask the manager of your favorite store!

Get Smart About Sales Tax

With sales tax hovering close to 10% in cities like Chicago, Los Angels and Seattle, the price we end up paying at checkout is always more than expected.  And while we can’t avoid paying sales tax on every purchase we make, PLANNING AHEAD for a big shopping spree is a saving tip from the masters.

Many states offer a Free Tax Weekend once or twice a year when they suspend sales tax on clothes and other purchases under a certain price point.  Connecticut, for example, features a whole free tax week from August 21st-27th on clothes and shoes under $300.

Also keep in mind….. If you live near the border of a state or town with a more favorable sales tax than your city, take a road trip when it comes time to stock up.  For example, NYC dwellers, before your kids head back-to-school, head over to New Jersey where there is  ZERO sales taxes on clothes!  Click here for more information on state and city tax rates near you!

Follow Facebook & Twitter for Killer Deals

If you want to know about the latest online and in shop sales, follow your favorite stores via their social networking portals.  Many top brands now only offer insider deals, sales and giveaways to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  These tips are often NOT advertised anywhere else – so get with the times and SAVE!

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  1. Betsy says:

    I am not really a big shopper, so these tips are new to me….and as usual from your site, totally helpful. Who knew about the sales and getting the discount days latter??? Always GREAT info. Thanks!

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