Five Fast Credit Score Facts

Credit Where Credit Is Due

We really have to give credit to our Fab friends over at Citi’s Women & Co. Just when we were feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling our credit rating, they’ve brought us Five Fast Facts about Managing Your Credit Score.  So take five – and take control of your credit score!

1. Your Credit History Has A 7-Year Shelf Life

Your credit report tracks monthly payments, credit limits, and payment patterns over 7 years, but prospective creditors are usually concerned with the last 2-3 years.

2. Joint Accounts Link Your Credit Status To Your Partner’s

Divorce settlements are not indicated on your credit report.  Any account that remains in both names will continue to link you to an ex, so a late payment could show up on both of your reports.

3. Employers And Potential Employers Have Access To Your Credit Report

If you’re applying for a job that pays at least $75,000, the employer has the right to see - and judge – your credit history.

4. The Fair Credit Reporting Act Empowers Consumers To Avoid Unsolicited Credit Offers

You can eliminate unwanted credit offers for 2 years with a simple phone request to the credit bureaus.  A written request takes you off the list permanently.

5. You’re Entitled To A Free Credit Report Every Year

Visit or call the toll free number 877-322-8228 to request your report.  And for more information on your credit history, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website

For more info on managing your credit score, be sure to check out this recent article from Women & Co.!

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