Gift Card Date Disaster

Our friend Teri was out on a first date with a guy we’ll call Tim… He took her to a very chic, trendy restaurant, and their conversation flowed as smoothly as the bottle of Bordeaux he ordered.  The only buzz kill? When the check came, Tim plunked down what Teri thought was an odd looking credit card – until she realized it was a GIFT CARD.  Tim mentioned that he had won a gift card to the restaurant at an auction recently, and he handed it to the waiter with a victorious smile.

Teri couldn’t help but be instantly turned off by his use of a gift certificate on their first date.  It just somehow cheapened what initially felt like a special and thoughtful evening.

Some of our friends think Teri is acting like a total snob, while others agree that poor Tim totally ruined his chances by whipping out his high-class coupon.  But, tell us what you think…  Is Tim cheap, frugal or does he just have NO game?

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7 Responses to “Gift Card Date Disaster”

  1. Diana says:

    Seriously. Teri should get over herself. If the date went well, or even if it didn’t, WHO CARES! It’s not like he asked you to pay! This is one of the reasons why some women will never find and/or keep a man. Quite shallow of her if you ask me…

  2. Jiminy Drambuie says:

    I agree. If the date went well, the date went well AND he didn’t ask her to pay! Tim is not cheap. Did Terri ever stop to think that he was saving that Gift Card for a special occasion, and he deemed her it? It could possibly, in Tim’s eyes, make Terri MORE special, not LESS. And, BTW – someone PAYS for a Gift Card, so it is not a “high class coupon.” Terri is a snob and deserves to be alone. Whether Tim is cheap or frugal cannot be discerned by his use of a gift card, but her snobbery can be. And, I would say Tim does have game, as Terri was into him before he paid. BTW, Terri – Thanks for confusing Tim and ruining the way he is likely to treat woman in the future.

  3. Ashley says:

    She needs to get over it. The date went well and he is showing that he is smart with his money. He probably wouldn’t have gone to that restaurant unless he had someone to go with him. No smart woman wants to be with a man who blows his money.

  4. Simone M says:

    I agree with the rest. He took her to a nice restaurant. So what if someone gave him a gift to share with someone else? If she went to his house and he opened up a fine bottle of wine or champagne and then her that it was a gift from a good friend would that make it less special? Not to me.

    If he took her to a bargain restaurant, or started pulling coupons out of his wallet, then yes, that would be a buzz kill.

  5. Pea` says:

    I totally agree with the other ladies about the date. Get over it. It was still a fine date, with a nice looking man. Please he can take me out anytime. :)

  6. Very disappointing Teri. In this economy, I think it’s more important to use the resources you have and to be honest with your partner than to try and impress someone with lavish expenditures.

    If he can’t afford to take her to a nice restaurant on a regular basis, at least he is spelling it out from the beginning. If he can afford it, but is choosing to use the gift card to pay for the meal, then great use of money (and savvy saving since he probably paid less than face value for the gift card at the auction).

    Sounds like what she’s really objecting to is the fact that he might not have enough money on a regular basis to keep her dining in such fabulous places. If that’s the issue, it has nothing to do with the gift card. But his financial status as a whole.

  7. Ashley says:

    I completely disagree. A first date is a time for first impressions, point blank. It’s the principle if the thing, and I for one would like to see what precious little we have left of these chivalric principles remain. When you ask a woman out on a date, especially for the first time, you should be your best self. Not someone you are not, but the best real you you can be. You should also do whatever you can to make her feel special. This doesn’t always translate to expensive. But special. If you can’t afford that place? Don’t take her there. Take her somewhere you know she’ll like or that you frequent because the food is great, the atmosphere is romantic etc. And pay with your hard-earned cash. THEN, when you’ve swept her off her feet and you’re a few dates in, simply say, “By the way, I won a gift card to this great place and I’d like you to accompany me there to try it out. Would you like to?” Upfront. Honest. Sweet. The food would taste a whole heck of a lot better then. And it’d be a fun memory. Save gift cards and coupons for when you know someone better. Or treat yourself to a nice dinner. Not for a first date

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