Out To Lunch?!

Last month, Nora went to lunch for the first time with her colleague Julie.  The two ladies talked biz and laughed as they dished a little too much about their least favorite client.  When the check came, Julie reached into her purse to grab her wallet when she realized she had left it on her desk.  Nora told her not to worry, and that Julie could treat her the next the time they went to lunch.

Cut to last week…  The two work friends decided to take a leisurely lunch to go over a new pitch.  When the check came, Julie grabbed it, looked it over, and then said to Nora; “Is it cool if we just split it?”  Taken off guard, Nora did not want to embarrass Julie by reminding her that it was her turn to treat so she just took out her card and didn’t say a word.  However, in truth, Nora was a little annoyed as she tried hard not to question Julie’s character…

Should Nora have reminded Julie that her was her turn to pay?  Or was she right to just let it go to avoid any awkwardness?  What would you have done?  Tell us what you think!

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7 Responses to “Out To Lunch?!”

  1. Kellie says:

    This is always a sticky situation. When this has happened to me in the past I have paid my half but reminded them (in a semi-sarcastic tone) that they have to pick up the bill for the next lunch to make up for the previous one I paid for. It works for me!

  2. louie says:

    No. She should have reminded her and thanked her for taking her turn. What’s the matter with you ladies? You’re certainly not shy about anything else. Why now?

  3. Simone M says:

    Yes, Nora should have politely reminded her that they agreed that Julie would pay since she forgot her wallet last time.

    What I don’t understand is since it was a working lunch why the company wouldn’t reimburse them for it? Yes, that’s a different issue, but something these ladies should think about.

  4. Liz V says:

    It was very polite of Nora not to bring it up at that moment because maybe Julie was short on money. Sometimes its not that you don’t want to pay but you cant. What I would do is the next time Julie wants to join Nora for lunch tell her I am kinda short can I cash in the lunch you owe me?
    If that doesn’t work stop going to lunch with her all together.

  5. Kathy says:

    Always awkward. I’d not say anything and NEVER cover her again. If it ever happened again, I would speak up and remind her she owed me. Women are wimpy, Louie. We are so often worried about hurting someone’s feelings or them thinking poorly of us, we don’t speak up for ourselves. Really need to work on that….you are right!!!

  6. Simone M says:

    Liz V,

    I disagree with you. It wasn’t “polite” of Nora not to bring it up, it was wimpy of her because it bothered her. Rude would be gossiping about it to co-workers, but there’s nothing rude about getting squared away with someone that owes you money….of course doing it politely and not embarrassing her.

    But advising Nora to claim that she’s short of cash and using that as the reason Julie should pay her the money owed is truly a coward’s way out. I mean, what does THAT have to do with it. If you’re late on your credit card bill does the bank write you and ask you to pay because they’re short that month?

    If Julie was short of money that week, she should have not gone to lunch. You don’t go to lunch if you can’t afford it and hope the other person is going to pay. That’s rude!

  7. Liz says:

    I would have reminded Julie that it was her turn to pay, and if I was in Julie’s shoes and reminded, I would have been grateful to Nora for saying something. As women we often have so much on our minds that we can forget something like an owed lunch. If she couldn’t afford it, she should bring PB&J….

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