Tipping On A Tweak?!

A few days ago Bobbi went to the salon in the mood for a change…  Armed with a magazine picture of the hairstyle she was going for, she presented her idea to her long term favorite stylist, Martin.  Martin studied her face in the mirror while he moved strands of her hair around like a sculpture.  Finally, he began his mastery.  Within minutes, Bobbi went from long flowing waves to a shaggy mod do.

After Martin was done styling her hair, everyone oohed and aahed – that is everyone except Bobbi.  It wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for.  Maybe it was still a little too long?  Maybe she just wasn’t used to it yet?  Martin told her he loved it and not to worry.  It was a really big change after all, and once she styled it herself, she would really be able to tell if she liked it or not.

After a couple of days of playing around, Bobbi grew to really like her new cut, but she still felt it was a little too long.  She was with her friend Renee on the way to lunch when she popped in to see Martin.  After all, if you don’t like your haircut, you have a few days to go back for a little tweak, right?

Martin totally understood Bobbi’s concern so he clipped and trimmed, and in five minute she absolutely loved her hair!  She hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, and Bobbi and Renee went on their merry way.  However, as soon as they walked out of the salon, Renee yelled at Bobbi for not tipping Martin for tweaking her cut.  And Bobbi replied ” I tipped him well two days ago for a $125 haircut that wasn’t what I wanted.  Why would I double tip him?”

What would you do?  Does Martin deserve another tip?  Or was making sure his client was happy part of the original price of the cut?  Tell us what you think!

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6 Responses to “Tipping On A Tweak?!”

  1. Wendy says:

    If a cut needs to be tweaked, especially within the next few days then no tip is needed. Many salons have you come in to trim bangs at no extra charge and I would think the stylist wants a happy client. Satisfied clients will come back This sounds like a long-term relationship as well but even if not the case, if I went back because I wasn’t happy and got resistance, I would not return.

  2. Louie says:

    No tip necessary here. This is a personalized service business and the stylist should not be happy unless you are. He/she wants to insure the long term relationship as much as you do. This re-clip actually insures your coming back and if he’s smart, he’s looking to maintain that long term relationship and happy to perform the service without any further renumeration. If you have money to burn then go ahead with a nominal tip, but certainly not expected or necessary.

  3. Jiminy Drambuie says:

    I completely disagree. I do not think she should be charged for the tweak, this is, after all – what she originally paid for. But anyone who works in a service industry and takes time away from another paying client or table, or other tip… You should show that their time is both valuable and appreciated. And, just a little show of appreciation. I think Bobbi should have given Martin a small token… like $5. Just as a thanks. Again, this site is Fab & FRUGAL, not Fab & CHEAP. This distinction is not made often enough!

    PS – Bobbi also made an incorrect distinction. She DID get the haircut she wanted originally; it was just not at the length she wanted. Which is a HUGE difference. If it was the wrong haircut, Martin would have to do a lot more than “tweak it” to fix it.

  4. Jennifer says:

    It is outrageous to pay for a $125.00 for a haircut you are not happy with…then tip. Yet, we all do it in this ridiculous time where we are all made to fill the tip is part of the price…and, we are awful people if we don’t tip. I do the same thing and it IS ridiculous. You pay $125. for something and don’t get what you want and are pressured to accept it. You pay, you tip. You go back to have it corrected and someone thinks you should tip again. I think not. If you bought a plate for $125. and only got 3/4 of a plate would you be happy? The guy fixed what you thought was wrong and that was smart business, but it is not necessary to tip him again. They all do the same thing..tell you it is great..because their next customer is waiting and they don’t want to correct it then. Better you come back when it better fits their time schedule.

  5. Diana says:

    No tip if it’s a fix because she wasn’t happy with the original. If it was a brand new cut that didn’t come from her being dissatisfied with the original then yes, she should leave a tip.

  6. Simone M says:

    I agree that a tip is not necessary and I’m sure not expected by the stylist.

    Jiminy Drambuie – I completely disagree with you. It was specifically written that the stylist had it fixed to her liking within a few minutes. And she did pop in without an appt. If he was with another client he would have told her to stop back in another time.

    Had he tweaked the haircut and then done a total rewash and styling “on the house” then, a tip would have been appropriate. He fixed what was wrong, she’s happy, she’ll be going back to him and telling his name to her friends when they ask who gave her such a nice new haircut.

    Wendy, when I go in for a free bang trim between haircuts, I always tip my stylist a small thank you tip. That’s different than fixing a cut. Bangs grow and most salons will offer a free bang trim between haircuts, but for that service I think tipping the stylist is the appropriate thing to do.

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