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From Mr. Limbaugh to the Soccer Mom Madam

Soccer Mom Madam

A Manhattan mom has been arrested for allegedly running a high-end call girl ring from an apartment on East 78th Street.  And while we can’t condone an illegal business, we can still be impressed that she supposedly earned a profit of ten million dollars – sure beats hosting jewelry parties in your living room!

Advertisers Rush To Drop Limbaugh

Advertisers are fleeing from the Rush Limbaugh show after he called Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”  His attack on her was, of course, in response to her testifying that insurance companies should cover contraception for women.  Limbaugh’s other suggestion that Fluke should upload videos of herself having sex so the general public could watch also didn’t help him to retain many advertisers. Go figure.

Worst Paying Cities For Women

24/7 Wall Street published a study on the worst paying cities for women.  And the winner is… Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where women make only 63.4% of what men do for a comparable job.

Super Tuesday

This past Tuesday was “Super Tuesday” – ten states held Republican primaries.  Worth noting: Mitt Romney – though still the party’s presumptive nominee – barely squeaked out a victory over Rick Santorum in the crucial state of Ohio.

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