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Louboutins At All Costs?

Looks like a pair of pricey Louboutins is adding to the outcry against Syria’s first couple, the al-Assads.  Emails allegedly written by First Lady Asma al-Assad reveal her shopping for Christian Louboutin shoes, diamond jewelry and expensive art –all at the same time as her husband’s regime was brutally massacring Syrian civilians.  Even the most die-hard fashionista can’t make sense of this one…

Greed is…Not So Good

Former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith made headlines this week by writing a scathing account of the GREED culture at Goldman.  Though his reports of lack of care for the welfare of clients may not have been shocking to anyone, it was refreshing to hear the insider’s first hand experience on the job.  And we are assuming that Smith profited enough from Goldman’s culture of greed to not have to look for a job at any other investment banks!

Stock Market Winning Streak

You may not personally feel the economy is getting any better, but you wouldn’t know it to look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average!  The Dow has been on a tear this week, closing above 13,000 for several days in a row.  While we’re happy for the gains that we’re seeing on paper, we’re still trying to figure out what the great economic news is that is causing this climb…

The Billion Dollar Spanx

Last week, Forbes magazine released its annual tally of 1,226 billionaires around the world.  On the list: 41 year old Sara Blakely, the founder of our favorite body shaping undergarments company – SPANX.  That’s right, not only is Blakely the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire, she reportedly owns 100% of the company.  Who knew the demand for the modern day girdle would generate Sara billions.  You go girl!

The ‘NEW’ iPAD Frenzy

Hey! Didn’t we see you camping out on 14th St. last night in front of the Apple Store?  That’s right, they’re not calling it the iPad 3, but rather The ‘NEW’ iPad came out today and all of the gadget junkies are in heaven.  But if you didn’t pre-order your pad, you’re likely out of luck for the next couple of weeks. This bad boy is SOLD OUT.  Starting at $499, other than having a slightly better camera, were not quite convinced yet that this new version is worth the hype.  But if you want to pick up the iPad 2 instead, starting prices have dropped to $399.  Happy gadgeting!

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